Friday, January 29, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. Tomorrow a friend that we haven't seen for at least 11 years is coming into town. We made plans, but we forgot about Isaak's basket ball practice. Do you ever double book yourself? That's my downfall. I tend to be horrible with what's going on. Dates and time are not my thing. If I had a kid in sports all the time I'd be a horrible mom. I told Travis and Mica to hang out with our friend, and Isaak and I can meet up with them for dinner.

  2. We're supposedly supposed to get hammered with snow next week - midweek. I have students asking me if they are going to call school off. I have no idea. The weather man doesn't even know for sure if we'll get a little, or a lot of snow. Colleges hardly cancel anyhow. I gave them the school's phone number, and told them it will be put on there as a message regardless.

  3. I have a student from Russia. She's older than most of my students. She's a super great student, but she's never touched computers. It didn't help that she fell, dropped her laptop the 2nd week of having it, and cracked her screen. I told her that she needs to slow down. I watched it happen. I wanted to catch her laptop! Week 3 she had car issues. I hope things start to click for her.
  4. We went to see Iron Giant last weekend on the big screen. Film Streams in Omaha brings old movies back, and artsy movies to the screen as well.

    My husband bought me a shirt for Christmas, the shirt was out of stock, so they let him choose any shirt. He chose an Iron Giant sweater. I had never even watched the movie in its entirety. I've still worn the sweater a few times. When it was time for us to go to the movie he stole my Iron Giant sweater. 

  5. On Monday I went to be a juror for the Nebraska Art Scholastic awards.

    When I went in there and I saw who else was on the panel I cringed. One of the other jurors was a guy that picked Travis' sculpture up from the top, it slammed into the ground and it broke. His sculpture is very high end. Travis asked him to pay for the materials, but not the piece. He never did pay for anything. He was a complete ass about the whole situation. He acted like he didn't know me that day when I we were there to vote. I've been to the gallery where his work is, and have seen him a lot. I just do not have a good vibe about that artist. Apparently a lot of other people do not like him either. Travis has talked to other artists about the situation he had with him.

    We had to vote pieces in or out, go through another round where we tallied up a rubric, and lastly figured out our highest points to pick which ones would get a gold award. The punk of an artist argued to get pieces in that the two other (me included) voted out. I could see some of his points, so I let it go through. Later he wanted it to go up to a silver, and finally gold. I stood my ground saying, "Come on we voted this out to begin with. It does not magically get a gold. I see your points in them being painterly, but they don't have backgrounds, and they are muddy in spots. Nope! They don't get golds!" I finally got my way.

    I did like the other juror. She's my co-worker. My boss paid us to go. I liked the lady that ran it to. It was a fun experience, so not all negative came out of the experience. 


~ Noelle said...

Better you than me...
I would have mentioned him owing me EVERY SINGLE TIME I SAW HIM

Theresa Mahoney said...

He does sound like a real piece of work, and not the good kind!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I love the pic of your hubby and the boys. It looks neat indeed :)


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