Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Belated Easter

I sincerely hope everyone had a great Easter. It was a good one at our house.

The Easter Bunny at our house makes a Scavenger Hunt every year. The starting point is always the coffee table. That's where they get their first clue.

Scavenger Hunt - The Clue Eggs are Glittery to Stand Out
  1. Welcome to your 2016 Scavenger Hunt. There are 7 eggs each for you to find in, around, and underneath this coffee table. Find the clue egg to take you to to next hiding spot. I hope you have just as much fun finding the eggs, as I did hiding them. - The Easter Bunny 
  2. Old Mother Hubbard hid 20 eggs in the _________ . Find 10 eggs each + the next clue egg. (cupboard) 
  3. There are 7 eggs where Isaak puts dirty and clean clothes. There are 7 eggs + the next clue egg where Mica hardly ever puts dirty clothes. (hampers - all their dirty clothes were out of there)
  4. Find 20 eggs - 10 eggs each low to the ground + the next clue egg. (floor)
  5. 5 eggs + the next clue egg are hidden in what takes you to school in the mornings. Look in the front to find a special prize. (car)
  6. This is your final clue egg. There are 10 eggs - 5 eggs each hidden in the spot where you get clean. Look for a fun prize. Happy Easter! (bathroom)
So I don't really have 1 pretty basket in 1 spot to photograph. It's more running around to find this and that all over the place. Eggs are hidden outdoors if it's not too cold, snowy, or rainy. None were hidden out there this year. It was wet. In most of the clue eggs there are dollar coins for the boys to split.

Mica said after the hunt, "Mom the tradition is for us to watch one of our new movies in the morning." I'm like, "Ok, so I can have time to work in the kitchen to get ready for the big family get together?!" He said, "Yep." Ha! I think they won that one. They watched their new movie Spaceballs, while I made food.

They laughed and laughed. Travis kept sneaking off to see parts of the movie. He's never seen it.

I was only part successful in my food making. 

I was successful in making my Sweet Potato Puffs:

I was unsuccessful in making White Potato Puffs.

They didn't hold up at all. When baked they turned into pancakes. I didn't add eggs to them. Travis made me skip that. I wonder if that's why they didn't hold up. They still were GOOD tasting. They had powdered ranch dressing in them, and were topped with real bacon bits and chive onions from our garden. They ended up being served like Mashed Potatoes.

Off we went to my Aunt's house to have a big meal, and another egg hunt. This was Mica's last year for the hunt. Next year he gets to hide the eggs and prizes for the little kids.

Right now my youngest cousin, and oldest niece and nephew hide them.

A Few of the Egg Hiders

The big kids were let out after the little ones. Mica kept saying, "This is no fair the little kids are being looters. They took almost everything I saw before." Basically they cleared everything out, and he had to work to find his eggs and prizes. As it should be. It made me chuckle.

Mica and Isaak are Circled

Isaak Found the Golden Egg
It had the most money in it - $20

I got pictures of my kids, but nearly all of them were horrible. Isaak kept avoiding the camera. It was somewhat windy, so Mica's hair was in his face. The boys kept moving, and shoveling candy in their mouthes. 

It was a happy Easter though. What did you do for Easter?

Travis did bitch complain about the lack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Eggs, so I went to the store to buy some on clearance. 


Ai Sakura said...

Wow your sweet potato puffs look really good!! thanks for reminding me.. I want to go out and find some Easter choc on sale too hahaha. Happy belated Easter! Good to see the whole family celebrating and having fun together

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Theresa Mahoney said...

Those sweet potato puffs look scrumptious!

It was windy here, so we didn't get any great shots either. The best was what I put up on the blog.

I bought myself some of those pb eggs today on clearance too, but probably shouldn't have. I'm on a mission to drop 9 pounds before summer, and that candy isn't going to help one bit.

Terra Heck said...

Sounds like y'all had a good Easter! Congrats to Isaak on finding a golden egg.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

your sweet potato puff looks fantastic, Alissa..and such a lovely family gathering you have here..

~ Noelle said...

Awe love scavenger hunts!!!!
How fun.. and $20??


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