Monday, April 18, 2016


We're so lucky that we have some great nurseries here in Omaha. We have Mulhalls that literally has almost everything. Their slogan is, Mulhalls has it all! My Dad is a huge garden person, and he always finds something they don't have. Earl May is great to. They grow a lot of their plants from seed. It's smaller than Mulhalls, but still great. We also have a place called Indian Creek.

What nurseries are popular in your area?

Travis planted a bunch of seeds before he left for his residency. He was back and forth. He said, "Don't worry about watering these. They should be fine. I just watered them." So I didn't worry about it. When he came home he was so annoyed that they weren't watered. Yep they dried up. If someone tells me not to do something I don't. He was ultra annoyed with me. I felt bad. I take things very literally with instructions. It would have been better to tell me to check the seeds in a few days.

This weekend we went to Mulhalls to get edible plants: Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and more. He'll plant sees for collard greens and kale.

I hauled edging, and dug up weeds in a weed patch.

Travis decided to plant things a new way this year. He basically made the garden area pop up off the ground by layering things like a lasagna. 

That was all weeds that I yanked up. He defined the shape.

These are all Amazon boxes from me. They are put down and watered.

Then things go on in layers: Mulch, compost, hay, crushed fall leaves, sticks, repeat, and repeat. We compost year round.

He even put crushed rock in there.

You can see compost here:

Broken down grass:

I'm pretty sure he'll be hurting this week. I was sore yesterday, but after I hauled, and weeded I did indoor chores like laundry and meals.

Isaak loves gardening, but he's not good at weeding just yet. Mica could careless about being outdoors at all. They still tried to help.

Isaak dropped a edging stone on his foot. I thought he'd never stop crying. Mica was kind of like me saying, "Enough Isaak. You're fine." He milks pain to the max. I checked him out. He was fine.

The start of our garden is in. We still have to plant the kale, collard greens, potatoes, and beans. One thing at a time.

Travis is going to a neighbor's house to collect sticks for the next garden area. If you dig holes to plant sticks, or sections of tree you don't have to water as much. It absorbs the water like a sponge.

My husband is a researcher/gardener/artist. He figures it out. I just do what I'm told. Ha!

It would be nice to add a Chiminea to the backyard. They'd totally fit my husband's ancestry background. He has one whole side from Mexico, and the Chiminea started there as well. Do you own a Chiminea? You can read about Best Chiminea: Get the Right Rustic Fireplace for Your Relaxation Space here. They are great for roasting marshmallows, or just having a nice fire when you're hanging out in the backyard.

I think the look of a Chiminea would be super cool! 

Did you plant anything this year?


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

It looks great! I'm so sore from doing a bunch of gardening on Saturday. Even my neck was sore. And I have blood blisters, and had to remove two thorns from my fingers! Gardening is harder than people think! But I love raising our own food.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love the shape of the garden! I spent all weekend clearing out my beds too. Thankfully, I am not muscle sore, but I did get a sunburn, so I do have to deal with that lol.

~ Noelle said...

I want a garden so bad, I just don't know that I would know what to do once I started it...


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