Friday, May 6, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. Awhile back my mom had a cousin that passed away. She had only 1 brother, and a dad. They didn't want anything much that she owned. We went through her things picking out this and that. One thing that we got was all of The Golden Girls on DVD. The boys asked to see it. At first I declined. Then I thought, That is something I watched when I was little. The sexual things went way over my head. She we've been watching it. The love it. No questions have been asked as of yet. I'm perfectly ok with answering anything if a question arises.

    Who is your favorite golden girl? I always liked Sophia.
  2. Mica had his first Growth and Development class last week. I asked if they covered anything he didn't know yet? He said, "No." He said, "We just talked about hair growing in special places, needing to wear deodorant, and girls going through changes before boys." I said, "Well if you have any questions we're happy to talk to you about them."

    The boys still think sex is naked people kissing. We're ok with that thought process until they ask us.

  3. I figured out that the boys actually help clean pretty well as long as they are doing separate tasks.

    Mica helped me clean out the microwave. We sprayed it down with vinegar, put a bowl of water in there for 5 minutes, it was steamed and ready to clean.

    Isaak helped me clean out the refrigerator. I kept telling him that his job was to take everything out in an organized fashion. My job was to clean it.

    What are some cleaning tips that you have? 

  4. I registered to have Isaak's friend party at Hummel Park this year. It is a park where I do have to pay. He got to pick 3 activities, and went with: Archery, S'mores, and a Scavenger Hunt. I filled out invitations for 20 kids to be there. I hope some show up! Birthday parties are so annoying because parents are so unpredictable these days. Hardly anyone RSVPs. There's all kinds of split families to. One kid I gave 2 invites - one for mom and one for dad. I don't know if that was right for me to do, but I tried to cover my basis.

    I told the boys that I'm stopping friend parties at age 10. Mica will no longer get a friend party.

  5. I stayed at work on Thursday night for a Portfolio Review Night. Pros are brought in to look at student's portfolios. It's always a success because some students get jobs through the event. YAY! 


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Amazed your boys haven't asked! My boys have been asking questions on great detail for years now. I never know what they'll hit me with next.

~ Noelle said...

That sounds like a fun party!!!!!
We just do a bounce place because you have to invite the whole class if you send invitations.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I miss Golden Girls. I loved Sophia too.

My cleaning tip- Pay them. Allison likes quarters, so I give her 25¢ per task over her regular daily chores. Cheap labor is always good in my book ;)

Harry Flashman said...

I had that talk with my son, and my wife had the talk with my daughter. I found it horribly embarrassing and don't even like to think about it!

I've never seen the Golden Girls. Lacking much of a sense of humor, I usually don't pick up on comedy. It has to be the old "Three Stooges" type for me to get it, which is why I liked all the Bob Hope and Bing C. movies.


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