Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July

I had Travis waist our money on Sunday. I consider buying fireworks a waist of money. Really you're just blowing up what you've spent.

The boys enjoy them. Maybe the fact that they enjoy them makes buying them worth it.

Our neighbor's light off a wonderful display. Part of me just thinks, Why not just watch their fireworks? 

Mica's in a phase where he's trying to compare what we have to what others have. I know this is only going to get worse. I can't wait. NOT! Mica, "Oh it looks like we have to buy more fireworks next year. Our neighbors have more than we do." Me, "Nope!"

I spent time writing up things for the boys to do this week. The boys were all grumpy that I was doing that. Mica, "My cousins don't have things they have to do." Isaak, "I hate reading, and you know that." I had a talk with them about being happy that their mom cares enough to keep their brains going during the summer, how they need to be thankful, and that giving them things to do prevents them from being bored.

Isaak's in a stage where he wants everyone to watch him. Isaak to the neighbors, "Hey guys look over here! My Dad's going to light off another firecracker." Travis and I, "Isaak leave them alone!" Isaak to the neighbors, "Hey guys look over here! Mica caught a parachute, and he's going to give it to me!" Travis and I, "Isaak leave them alone!" Isaak to the neighbors, "Hey guys look over here! We're going to make s'mores. I'm using the stick that I found. See it..."

Mica caught a parachute, and was nice enough to hand it off to Isaak.

This is Isaak back in 2011. It's crazy how much they change. Apparently he's always been the one that loved getting the parachutes.

We did the American thing and had hotdogs. It cracked me up because Travis got them at Natural Grocers, and got gluten free buns on accident. If it were me that got those buns he would have harped on me. I'm glad it was him. ;)

The boy's watched Independence Day. Travis had to bring up an old TV that had a VHS player. It was the first movie we went to see as a couple. We wanted to take the boys to see the new one, but it has horrible ratings.

What did you do on the 4th? If you're not an American reader, what did you do this weekend?


Unknown said...

We had a quiet 4th at my mothers. I took the baby girl to the city to see fireworks the Thursday before. Less crowds and they were free. :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

We think buying fireworks are a waste of money too. We do get the kids a cheap box of sparklers and some pop-its and that's good enough for them as long as we take them downtown for the city firework display.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Gf buns are not very good are they? Our fourth got rained out!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

we never buy fireworks as it's expensive and still dangerous for my kids. We usually go out and enjoy the sale hehehe

mail4rosey said...

Look at him so cute and little! I liked the first Independence Day. I didn't see the second one because of the bad ratings too. The kids and I went to spend the day with family, and I was so happy to see my sweet little grandbaby. :) Though she's not much of a baby now. ;) Glad you had a good holiday!

~ Noelle said...

I think I missed something. Where did the parachute come from? (the fireworks?!)
Love the photos! We hung out here and then marc was able to get off work early. we rode to a neighboring parking lot thinking we would beat the crowd since we would not be at the actual park... we were WRONG. we got one of the last few parking spots!!! Never would have thought that. now we know for next year ;)
Savannah loved them, she kept trying to grab them in the sky!


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