Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Busy Bees

I know I haven't posted about us in awhile. Things have been busy. I'm sure things are busy with you as well. 

In order to play catch up, I'm going to make this a text only post. I'll have follow up posts I promise. There's a list going of everything I want to post about. I'm sure I'm missing something(s) along the way.

Right before Christmas Travis went to see his parents. I played single Mom for 4 or so days. When he got back it was a rush of trying to:

  1. Wrap the rest of the presents
  2. Figure out what we were going to make for Christmas Eve and Christmas
  3. Shopping for food
  4. Getting the teacher's gifts together
  5. Going to the boy's school holiday performance
  6. Making lots of food
  7. 2 big family gatherings
  8. Santa time
  9. Quickly and thoroughly cleaning up after Christmas
  10. Putting a 1,000 piece puzzle together
  11. Buying more food for New Years
  12. Having a New Years Eve Dance Party geared towards kids
  13. Each kid got a friend to spend the night
  14. We helped Isaak put together a duct tape wallet
  15. We figured out if we needed to switch doctors with this new insurance we have
  16. We'll have our nephews on Thursday because my nephew Emerson is going in for tests to see what all is going on in his little body.
And the list goes on. I'm sure your list is long like mine is.

Throughout the holidays I've been sick with a cold, or something. I have chronic allergies, so who knows. I'm supposed to call the doctor today - now that we know our insurance is covered. When we signed up for insurance it said 2 of our doctors were not covered. When we looked on our plan online, and boom all of them are covered. That's good. I tried calling yesterday, but like me they had their New Years off. All the hours I can talk to my doctor I work. At work everyone can hear me on the phone. No one wants to listen about how one of my nostrils is completely plugged. It's not the nostril that I have a deviated septum on. Ya breathing is interesting. I'll have to take care of my doctor call during lunch. Then I'll probably still have to talk to them in front of everyone because I'll have to leave a message. Isn't it interesting how doctor's offices make you repeat everything like they didn't hear your message at all?

What has been some of the major things on your list to get done lately?


Theresa Mahoney said...

Yes, it's been busy here too. I am actually relieved that the holidays are over. I plan on taking January and February and doing absolutely nothing during those months. No new projects at all just so I can feel energized and ready to take on the rest of the year in March!

~ Noelle said...

You know it was crazy here... slowly getting back on track.


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