Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nose Job! Yikes!

I had my ENT appointment yesterday. The doctor was running behind, per usual. I'm not saying usual with this particular doctor. Just usual with doctors in general. I rushed over there, was nervous about finding it, then had to wait.

It wasn't really a great day for feeling good. It's been raining for 4 days straight. Mica said, "Mom I think you get headaches from the barometric pressure. I've often wondered that. Dang that kid is so smart at times. He's a classic book smart kid, but needs step by step instructions to make his bed.

I figure I should get some selfies before I get my nose job soon. I won't really fix my nose in any way other than to make it straight, and get those polyps out. I haven't noticed in awhile how messed up my deviated septum is because the other side was swollen with polyps. Now that the polyps have gone down my nose looks really off. Day with rain my eyes are horrible!

Off to the side of my face I have a chicken pox scar. Kids always ask what that is because no one really gets chicken pox anymore with the vaccine that's available.

Nurse's First Question:

"Have you had a CT scan lately?"


"No." The last one I had was 11 1/2 years ago when I was prego with Mica. He was breech, I was low on fluid, my birth canal was tilted funny, so they wanted to see if there was room to have him if they got him turned around. There was room, but they couldn't get him to turn. Never try to have a doctor turn a baby from the outside. Opt for the C-section. There's my advice for the day. It hurt worse than the epidural, or post C-section + it puts stress on the baby. What was I thinking?

Anyhow I didn't tell the nurse all of that. I'm pretty sure 11 1/2 years ago isn't a recent CT scan, nor does it have anything to do with my nose.

CT Scan: 

I was thinking, Oh God this is going to be a hassle + expensive. I'm sure that later part is still true. Hassle not so much. They had a scanner right there in the office.

See all the grey. There's suppose to be white spots in there. Yep polyps have taken over where I can't see them. :(

Check out my nose! It gets even more crooked inside!

Eye Sight Loss Scare:

All the grey by my eye is polyps. Yep if he digs in to get them out, and hits my eye I'll have seeing problems afterwards.

Meningitis Scare:

Do you see the thin line of white? That's bone. Below that is all polyps. If he hits that bone I could get Meningitis. He asked me if I knew what Meningitis is? Umm yep! Isaak had that at 2 months of age! I know how scary it can be. It can cause hearing loss, and brain damage. Not to mention high fevers, high white blood cell count, and pressure on the brain. Fun stuff! Not! Sometime ignorance is bliss.

Polyps central.

My messed up nose!

It has to be sawed, and put back together like a jigsaw puzzle.

I know they have to tell you everything. Travis wants to know everything. He wants to look it up, study it. He's already read all about Septoplasty - Deviated Septum Surgery. He's watched YouTube videos on it. Me on the other hand, I usually like to research the heck out of things. I'm not feeling it with this. It makes me more worried. I'm not saying I can't handle the information. Put it on the table. I'm not about to go look up what he's going to hack away. 

He'll do a CT Scan, while the surgery goes on. That way he can see what he's doing.

He wants my allergies to be up to par because I can't blow my nose for 3 weeks after having this done. I'll miss 2 weeks of work, but will not be recovered for months. Yay! Not!

I'm thinking mid to end of June. Then I won't miss class, I'll have recovery time, I can also be home with the kids and spring allergy season will be over. I'll have to talk to Dr. Shakir - my allergy asthma doctor. 

I was doing great with all this slammed down information. Then a muscle car almost hit me on the way home - all black with bright green wheels was driving pretty fast on the express way. 

Then I started crying after talking to my parents. I could barely get out what to say to my youngest sister mainly because I just talked to my concerned parents. I pulled it together when I talked to my older sister and aunt. They were more, "Oh Alissa you'll feel so much better after this surgery! They have to tell you everything." 

Not quite the nose job I want to have. I really don't even mind my nose. Sure it's crooked, but it's my nose. I've grown to love it through the years. If it's so crooked it's restricting me from breathing it needs to be fixed.

I'm pretty sure the boys are freaked out with all the talk of this stuff. Isaak is usually filled with empathy. He said, "Mom I wish I had a different Mom that didn't have allergies. Then maybe I wouldn't have them. I would have skin problems either." Thanks son. He is a bit right. Kids do say what's on their minds. It really didn't hurt my feelings per say. I agree with him. Allergies, asthma and all this nose stuff sucks!


Mandy said...

I don't do well with medical anything, so this post is a bit overwhelming. And I'm not even the one that needs the surgery! It sounds like there could be a lot of complications, but the doctor thinks he can handle it and thinks the surgery will be well worth your while.

~ Noelle said...

It will all go great. Remember, your other dr recommended you to this one.
I remember being terrified when I had to had ear surgery... that close to your brain scares the CRAP out of me... but it went great.
Hope your dr has good bedside manners, it does make a difference.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I don't look up anything medical. I figure I'll just let the doc do the job and hope for the best. Jason on the other hand will spend hours or days researching every little detail of any procedure. I sometimes ask him advice on my own health conditions.

Here's hoping that your surgery goes well. My fitness coach had the same surgery and had both sides of her nose busted then put back together so it took her about 4 weeks to recover. Yikes!

mail4rosey said...

The good news is they can do most anything these days, and do it with ease, so I am betting all is going to go wonderfully well!

Terra Heck said...

Wow, that's a lot of polyps! I wish you all the best with your surgery and will keep you in my prayers.
I've had deviated septum surgery. I'm not gonna lie, it hurts afterwards. Feels like your nose is broke. Be sure to take pain pills (if that's your thing). It took me ten days to recover before I felt like normal.
On the upside, I'm so glad I had it done. I can breathe better and I don't have sinus headaches or issues hardly at all anymore.


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