Friday, March 3, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. We went out to eat a few times lately. We wanted to try someplace new and different, so we went to Adana's Kebab House. It was really pretty good! I had something called dönerdürüm, turkish coffee, and we each got a piece of baklava.

  2. Then not by choice well kind of by choice we went to Burger King. That's the day I had allergy testing done. I didn't think we'd get out of the doctor's office as late as 7:30. I actually had something made that we could just warm up, but we were so far from our house and hungry.

    Here's the boys into Women's Wrestling. They were so into it I had to remind them to eat many different times.

  3. This cracked me up! This little boy wanted to get the same hair cut as his friend, so his teacher couldn't tell them apart. Ha! I think it worked. I'm blinded by their cuteness, and can't tell them apart either. You can find the story, and the pictures here.

  4. Do you think racism is something we're born with, or a learned thing?

  5. I was pissed on Wednesday when I got home from work. I was already in a foggy mood from being on Steroids.

    Then Travis greeted me with, "Isaak got punched in the head today at school."

    I was like, "By the same kid that's been bothering his small group of friends?"

    Travis, "No that kid is all talk. He would never do something like that. This kid was saying, 'Isaak ate worms in Kindergarten.' Isaak said, 'No I did not!' and the kid clocked him. The teacher on duty saw him punch Isaak, but he said Isaak punched him first. She was going to make them both sit out for recess, but Isaak claimed he didn't hit the kid. This kid's Dad is a real piece of crap! He's one of those parents that honks until his kid gets in the car. He never gets out of the car to pick him up, and he doesn't care if anyone has to wait on him."

    Isaak stood at the door with his head hung down like he was in trouble.

    I went up and said, "You did nothing wrong. Even if you punched him back you wouldn't have done anything wrong in my book. That kid is a jerk Isaak!" 

  6. Travis saw the teacher talk to this kid's parent. Of course she had to go to his car to talk to him. This folks is what many in our future will be like. Asshats! Isaak's a good kid. He doesn't cause trouble, he does his homework, gets good grades, and is does what we tell him. He's had problems with jerks this year. I almost wish it was socially acceptable for him to punch the kid back. If he did he wouldn't be in trouble with us. Even if he was suspended. At this point I think I'd praise him for standing up for himself. The kid in question got a detention. Isaak said, "He got dispended Mom."

    Mica never had those issues as much because he kind of sits back to observe things. If trouble arises he moves away. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

Awe! That sucks! I always tell my girls that they will never be in trouble by me if they punch someone back. Of course, neither of them like confrontation and probably wouldn't hit back, but I want them to know that they will never, ever get in trouble for defending themselves.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This post makes me hungry :)

Harry Flashman said...

I taught mine to stand up for themselves. When they get out of school, nobody is going to come to the rescue if they are attacked. I am entirely in sympathy with your thoughts on the matter.

My nephew got punched on the playground in elementary school. He beat the tar out of his assailant. He got sent to the office. The principal called my brother in. My brother is a former combat engineer in the Marines, and was a policeman on the city anti-gang squad at the time. The principal started in with all this "you must not hit people" and my brother said the meeting was over. She got p.o'd and said that in that case, his son was suspended for a week. My brother laughed in her face and told his son, "come on, we're going to take the boat out and go fishing for a week." We were all really proud of him and my nephew.

Mandy said...

Hugs to Isaak. He sounds like he tries so hard to fit in and behave and yet always finds trouble anyway. Hopefully, this is a one-year thing, and it will leave him all behind next year. :)

Hopefully, the doctors are getting your allergies sorted. I saw your last post with the back test. It seems like an awful time of year to be dealing with polyps and breathing struggles especially with allergies to grasses in particular. If you want winter to last a few months longer, I'd be totally up for that. :)

~ Noelle said...

1. Food looks good
2. We had B.K. the other night too, as it was close and we were hungry. Oh yeah... my cousin was once a female wrestler!!!! Crazy...
3. Those little boys are too cute.
4. It's sad, but I think society helps to spread racism .
5. I hate bullies. Broxton was bullied all last year. This year the kid was about to start again and broxton hit him. He was punished at school (no hitting policy) but was not punished at home. I don't blame him.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Those kebabs and baklava look sooo delish! And yes, I really hate kids who are bullying others and get others into troubles. I always say to my kids to stand up for their rights if it happens..


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