Thursday, April 6, 2017

How Did the World Begin?

The other day we were talking about how the world began during breakfast. 

For some reason this is our big talking time. I'm usually the one that says, "Come on...just eat.", or "Hurry up...stop talking." Travis is like, "Why are you trying to hurry us up?" I'm like, "Because I have to go to work!" He's like, "That has nothing to do with us." I'm like, "Ya it does. When you guys talk about all kinds of stuff it makes me move slower. Usually I try and take care of dishes before I go. I can't if you're still eating." He's like, "Take care of you." Sigh! The dishes sit on the counter waiting for me when I get home from work.

Things will have to change for Mr. Mica. He has to get up earlier to take the bus for middle school next year. I already yell out, "Mica your bus is here!" when I hear it going by our house.

Our conversation the other day:

Mica, "I think maybe our skin changes color when we move to different places." Travis, "It wouldn't happen that fast, if that happens." Me, "I think what he means to say is, "Skin color changes over time. If I moved to Africa my skin wouldn't change color. It may for my great, great, great grandchildren." Travis, "That's an interesting thought." Me, "I don't think it works that way, but I agree that it's an interesting thought."

Me, "Some of us have wisdom teeth. Some of us don't. Did we need them at one point in time because we used to be more hunters and gatherers than we are now?" Travis, "We're still hunters and gatherers." Me, "I suppose so, but not as much as we were. I'm sure back in the day they needed those teeth to eat raw meat. Possibly our skin adapts to areas where there's more sun too. But that doesn't explain our features."

Isaak, "What do you mean features?" Me, "We all have characteristics that make up who we are. In general people from different areas tend to have certain features that make up who they are. Those differences are what is so interesting. It's not like all from one area look alike. Sometimes you can sort of tell where someone may possibly be from, from their long legs, flat wide nose, and so on. Those are characteristics."

Me, "If there is such a thing as creationism Adam and Eve were caucasians according to all the stories I've heard. Wouldn't God have to put other nationalities on the Earth to have them?" Travis, "I think a lot of incest would have happened." Mica, "What's incest?" Travis, "Where brothers and sisters have sex. How else would more people populate our planet?" Mica, "True, but gross."

Me, "I don't think Adam and Eve could be white if no other nationalities existed. If I mix up paint it's easier to go from dark to light, but nearly impossible to go from light to dark. That is if they were the only ones that started our population." Mica, "I can see what you mean."

This is why breakfast takes so long in our house.

How do you think the world began? Do you think one day we won't be able to tell where someone came from at all? Like in this article.


~ Noelle said...

Wow. Your conversation is much more different the ours. Ours is about having a great day at school and what the plans are for the rest of the afternoon. :)
We don't go deep conversation that early. Lol

Harry Flashman said...

You'd all get burned at the stake here! We had lunch in a restaurant today and the background music was "rock of ages." This is deep Bible belt. I'm a believer in evolution but I certainly don't say so out loud.

I don't remember having such deep conversations with my kids at the breakfast table. Seems to me we talked more about trivial things. But to be honest, I can hardly remember that far back.

Good post, Alissa.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I'm with Noelle. We barely grunt out a few syllables during breakfast. We just aren't morning people lol. You all have some very interesting conversations though!

csuhpat1 said...

We used to have these chats at meal times all the time before my kids became adults and glued to social media and stuff on their phones.

Mandy said...

Love, love, love the comment about how it's easier to go from dark to light over light to dark. Such an interesting way of thinking!

And I'm kind of loling about you and your husband discussing incest in front of Mica and him being like "Yeah, I can see what you mean". I would have expected embarrassment and maybe a "mom!" or "dad!" or even Travis presenting it in a "nicer way" without the use of the word "sex". haha. :)

Terra Heck said...

The nationality question is a good one! I'm a firm believer in Creationism.


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