Thursday, August 3, 2017

Aspirin Desensitization #Allergies #Asthma #sinusitis

Last week I had my Aspirin Desensitization. 

What in the heck is an Aspirin Desensitization?

Taken off the internet to help explain it: In patients like me that have sinusitis and nasal polyps, endoscopic sinus surgery it was needed to help patients like me whose asthma is worsened by their nasal problems. After surgery is performed, it is often helpful to perform "aspirin desensitization."

In my own words: I'm allergic to Ibuprofen, which reduces inflammation. If I had an allergy or asthma flair up I couldn't take Ibuprofen or Aspirin; they are related.

What happened when I took it? My lungs would shut down, and I'd have a sneezing snot fest.

They gave me little bits of Aspirin every 90 minutes for 2 days, which could have lead to 3 days. I was closely watched in case something major happened.

What to expect with an Aspirin Desensitization?

The Allergy and Asthma Clinic couldn't give me a Aspirin Desensitization too soon after my septum and polyps surgery. Why? Because it thins the blood. It would have been dangerous for me. They also couldn't do it too far away from surgery because polyps could form. That still could happen, but I'm at less of a risk now.

They gave me an IV. I thought the Aspirin would be dripped into me. Nope! The IV was just in case they needed to save my ass. I was confused when they taped it to my arm with medical tape because I thought it was going to get used for 2 days.

Per usual I was stuck twice. It's either two or three times I get stuck. I just have small rolling veins.

That IV was left in the whole time - 2 days. The boys freaked out when I got home that first night. Mica, "Mom a needle is really stuck inside your skin still?" Me, "Yes. You be good, or I'll stick it inside your skin!" Totally kidding of course, but I didn't need to say that to him. He knows my humor. Mica, "Isaak! Mom has a needle stuck in her skin!" Isaak, "Really?" Me, "Yep!" Isaak, "Gross!" For some reason it was a big deal to them. I told them both that they had an IV needle stuck in their skin for a few weeks when they were babies - one had Meningitis and the other had a Staph Infection. 

They flushed the IV out that 2nd day with saline just to make sure it worked. Other then that, that's all it was used. 


Liquid Aspirin was given to me in a little medicine cup with some gross stuff that tasted like Alka Seltzer. If you're getting this done have something to drink to wash that crap down! Luckily gross drinks don't bother me. 

After my first dose I had to use the bathroom. I drink coffee, a smoothie, and a tall glass of water in the morning! When I left the office to use the bathroom the cute doctor said, "Are you ok?" with a concerned look on his face. I wanted to joke with him by saying, "I am now that I've seen you." Of course I didn't say that though! Ha! I just asked a nurse to show me the way through the maze to the bathroom. I feel like all medical offices are mazes in the back! Are like that to you? It was then I figured out that the gross drink was my Aspirin. I really had no idea! 

I had one of those shots of liquid Aspirin drinks every 90 minutes along with a breathing test, my blood pressure taken, and they checked my pulse. My blood pressure and pulse were fine, but almost every time - except the first time - I failed my breathing test. 

Was it the Aspirin, or was it the nasty storm that came through that day? I'm not bitching about the rain; we needed it! I just know storms that come through make my allergies and asthma act up! We didn't have one for awhile. They were thinking it was the Aspirin. I beg to differ. I think it was the storm.

I Got a Nebulizer Treatment About 5 Times That Day:

What did I learn? Don't breathe deeply the whole time with a Nebulizer! I was majorly tingly almost every time afterwards + I was out of breath when they tested my breathing again. Breathe normal. 

Bring Stuff to Do:

I wanted to paint, but figured that would be too messy + it would require more trips to the bathroom for cleaning out water. Too bad I wasn't in a sewing stage of an art project. To be honest I haven't had the energy to paint much all summer. Lame! I'd say excuses are for losers, but that surgery took more out of me than 2 c-sections ever did. 

The first day I wrote down 30+ ideas to paint. I also looked through art books.

Javier Mariscal: Mariscal Drawing Life

This is his character Twipsy done in different styles. He's from Spain. Fact: He's won awards for the best animated feature and he created, he created the character Cobi for the Atlanta Olympics in 1984, and he did all the graphics inside a Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio! He's kept up with the times in Spain. He's not known as much throughout the US.

Joe Sorren

This is a limited edition book. His work went from illustration to privately owned pieces. It's very dream-like. He's from Arizona.

I was at the Allergy and Asthma Clinic all day day 1. My cute doctor only visited me twice. 

Day two my cute doctor informed me that I still could have a bad reaction. The Aspirin went from liquid to pills, which they nearly doubled the dose. 

I I brought a laptop, and finished my sister's t-shirt design for the most part. 

I got a visit from the cute doctor at 3:30, which he said I was released for good. I passed all my breathing tests day 2. Now I'm on 2 Aspirins a day 2 times a day. 

One other thing to expect if you have an Aspirin Desensitization: Bring food! I had a freezer bag with a sandwich, raw veggies and fruit. 

I've also learned in the process that the doctors consider all my nose stuff to be a disease. I never thought of myself having a disease. Apparently to them I have one. 

After months of taking Aspirin I should be able to take more pain meds. That will leave me just allergic to Sulpha. 

Are you allergic to any meds?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I'm surprised they didn't have food and snacks for you there. I have to go in for my biologic infusions for 2 hours every 8 weeks, and while most of us and the chemo patients are only there for 2 hours or less, they offer us a lot of food and drink during our stay. Glad that procedure is behind you now. Hopefully, you'll be on the road to good health for the rest of the year now. It's surely been a bumpy one for you lately!

An Apel a Day said...

@Theresa - They may have had food. I never asked, but had my own. They did offer me water, but I had that too.

Terra Heck said...

Interesting! Never heard of Aspirin Desensitization until now. Learn something new every day.
Hope you're feeling better. I agree that deviated septum surgery is worse than a C-section. I've had several surgeries and that one was the worst.

~ Noelle said...

So, I have never heard of this till now...
so odd.
Glad its behind you now ;)
I would have just brought books to read and my computer ;)


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