Friday, October 6, 2017

Random Tid Bits

My mind has be preoccupied with midterms (which were this week), and the Los Vegas shooting.
  1. I have most people passing my classes. It's a big step up from Monday. I was beginning to think 1/2 my 3rd year students would fail.

    I do have 1 student that never showed up on my midterm. She's been in, but never bothered to talk with me. I'm most certainly not going to chase her down. Every student here knows my door is always open.

  2. On the upside I have a girl in 1st year that has cancer. She's all about getting A's in everything just in case she does have to take sick time. She works her butt off, and does every extra credit possible. She's really on the ball. I like that she's open and fun to talk to.

  3. I had a "friend" from elementary, middle and high school that was in Los Vegas when the shooting happened. I say, "friend" because I know who she is, but we never really hung out. We're friends on facebook. Anyhow I just can't imagine the painful memories she has. She's posted happy pictures before the shooting happened. I don't know if that's morbid, or good because she's just trying to focus on the positive side of things. Who am I to judge? Anyhow she's ok.

  4. It seems as though they don't have much to explain the motive of the shooter Stephen Paddock. It's hard when one can't explain why someone did something so horrible. I think we all want answers. I do have to say that I call anyone like him a terrorist, and not a lone wolf. It doesn't matter what one looks like to me. If you kill or hurt a bunch of people, you are a terrorist in my mind. I'm not so sure he fits the dictionary definition of a terrorist, but maybe the definition has changed a bit over time. If a kid has a pocket knife at school - he or she could be asked to leave because of terroristic threats. What's the definition of a terrorist to you?

  5.  My sister tagged me in a post on facebook to design yet another t-shirt for the SOFT conference. If you remember I did a logo for them, then I did a t-shirt design for the event. I was never paid anything. I just did it. The thought of doing another t-shirt where no one can decide anything that they want just makes me shake my head back and forth. This one is for the siblings at the event. I'm thinking: Why can't they just have the t-shirts I designed for everyone? I never responded to the post. I acted like I never saw it. I'm such a bad sister.


Theresa Mahoney said...

It's horrible that someone could tarnish a place like Las Vegas, known for being a place to escape for a bit of fun. Sadly, it will forever have a blemish on it now because of the terrorist. I loved it there and would go back, but I don't think I'd be as upbeat walking around as I was before the shooting.

I have a friend that always wants me to make crafts and shirts for her for free. I don't mind doing it once in a great while, but not only is it time consuming, I have to pay for materials and wear and tear on my cutting machine. I feel your pain with someone always wanting free work done. It's just not cool.

~ Noelle said...

I am still just heart broken about Vegas... I was driving to work when I heard about it and was near tears!
As for the tshirt, I would just tell her that they have a design already. If they want to continue getting more designs from you, you guys need to work out a fee for design work. They don't work for free and you can't either.


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