Friday, January 12, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. Classes started back up this week. My students and my kids had a snow day. They called it the day before it snowed.

    Some were like, "It's great schools called it. Those kids shouldn't be walking to their bus stops with ice and snow on the ground."

    Others said, "There's no sign of snow yet, and they already called it?"

    It ended up icy, but barely snowing.

    What it looked like this morning. It snowed afterwards, but not a lot.

    I had a mix of thoughts. It is hard as a teacher to change my syllabus. It's like planning everything all over again. At Mica's school they were to have a Science Fair. They are still having it, but parents won't be invited to view everything. I was looking forward to that. 

  2. My Mom was all worried that I went in to work. Again there wasn't a lot of snow! I don't live that far from a main street, and I don't have a big hill to go up or down. She hates the snow, but also hates the summer heat.  I thought, Geez my mom is talking to me like I'm 16. I think I know how to drive in the snow at 41 years old!

  3. Did anyone watch the Tonya Harding special? What were your thoughts on it? Do you believe her? Do you think there's more lies that she's hiding? Travis doesn't believe her. I have more empathy with the abuse she's gone through. I don't know how or why she'd lie about more.

  4. I never got a full blown cold. I just got a bit stuffy, but man I've been tired! 

  5. I sinned and bought some Keebler cookies. I caved from Mica's begging. They went untouched until their day off. I found out the boys ate all the cookies, except for 2. I That's 16 cookies they ate. If they split them than 8 cookies each! 


Crystal Collier said...

I'm glad you never got fully sick. =)

And oh do I hear you about rescheduling school lessons! I think that's the single hardest thing about home schooling. Nothing is set in stone, so there's always the possibility of swapping things around. I just have to patiently remind myself that we're making progress over time and not to sweat the small things.

Theresa Mahoney said...

School was cancelled here today. It didn't snow much, but after a 50 degree day that melted all the snow, then freezing temps again, there was black ice everywhere. It was a good call to cancel for us. Plus, we had a funeral to go to, so I didn't have to waste time pulling Allison out of school to go.

I am suffering a full blown cold right now, since Monday. I tried working out yesterday and left half way through. I must have looked really bad on my way out because the instructor stopped teaching to run after me to make sure I was okay lol.

I try not to buy Keebler because they are so darn good, I'd be the one eating 8 cookies in one sitting ;)

~ Noelle said...

Being down south, they don't close for anything, since we don't get anything. lol, broxton's old school closed down for snow days when he went, because it ended up ice and not snow... and lots of shaded streets meant ice not melting...
i get that... down here, we can't seem to keep it cold for more than a day or two and then its warm again. broxton and classmates were in shorts this week again! ha ha ha

those cookies look great

Harry Flashman said...

My wife and I have to swear off the cookies, but we still buy them sometimes in a moment of weakness. Then we ek them out over a week or so, so we don't feel so guilty.

Snow here, too. We are just staying home, thank god we don't have to go out in it.

Ai Sakura said...

I know it's nothing to what you're having but Singapore is having some strange weather now. I reached abt 21 deg the past week.. coldest we've ever had it and it's so strange to have such cold weather (for us) in this tropical country!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Mandy said...

I LOVE those coconut dream cookies! Yum! I got some last year after my girl scout samoas were gone.

I cannot stand Tonya Harding. Why is she still in the spotlight after all these years? And I read something about her charging reporters for asking her about Nancy Kerrigan? Umm…???! Don't commit the "crime" if you don't want to answer questions about it years later. Argh. :(

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

We had the closing before but it was just for one day. And the next day after the snow storm is the hardest ;(. I have been drinking Indonesian traditional herbal syrup called tolak angin to help me beat the cold. It’s a mixed of honey, peppermint, ginger and clove leaves. It tastes good and it works!

mail4rosey said...

That's a lot of cookies. ;)

I slid my SUV on a day with no snow and very little ice. I was driving home after dropping off my youngest and hit a small patch of ice I couldn't see. I went across the highway twice and landed on my side on a snow bank on the side of the road (from a previous snow). If that bank hadn't have been there my SUV would have flipped. I hated winter driving with a passion already, after that, it was amplified times a million.

It's cold here in Florida. Unusually cold. Still, it's better than snow and ice so I'm not complaining. :)


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