Friday, February 16, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. My car is in the shop from the crash that happened. Thank goodness it wasn't too bad. It was around $1,500 to fix it. They are paying for it. *I know I already posted a photo on my dented panel, but if I didn't post this, this post would be pictureless, and I can't have that. 

  2. One thing I'm not good with is numbers. The insurance lady said, "Take it in on the 19th.", which is a Monday. Fast forward to the rental car place that said, "Do you need it on Monday?" I said, "Yes." Then I took it in this past Monday, instead of the next Monday. I felt like I did something wrong, but couldn't figure out what it was. I called to, "Touch base" with her, and confirmed I had in fact messed up. OMG this caused some major self beating, and confusion. Then Travis and I that hardly argue, argued about what to do with the rental car. I thought we should return it after the 3 days, and he said we should keep it. This was all discussed in the evening when the insurance lady wasn't available to talk to. The rental car was returned, and after talking to her we get it back. 

  3. Isaak's teacher got in a wreck too. Only it was a much more serious wreck. Her poor car is totaled. Her back hurts! It must have been pretty bad because she's missed class a lot. Isaak said she was crying, and has had to go to the nurse to have her put stuff on her back. :( When I hear about her accident I feel bad for complaining about mine. It's nothing in comparison. 

  4. I forgot to wear my glasses on Monday. I went home, and Travis asked why I look so bitchy. That must have been the look he said I had a lot before getting my glasses. The squinty bitch face. Ha!

  5. Apparently I have, teacher tone when I talk too. Travis says I get, "A teacher tone" when I talk to the boys at times. I needed Mica to do something, so I walked into his room to ask him to pour water for dinner. He said, "Ok." I waited, and waited...No Mica! Finally I yelled, "Mica! If you don't want me to have teacher tone, or to nag like you men say women do; come to me when I call you!" Oh he heard me that second time.

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Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I'm okay with math while I was at school. And I do have that teacher tone as well, Alissa! Sometimes I was surprised myself as I haven't been teaching since 2003. I guess we just have it on us!


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