Friday, February 9, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. I've been what Travis called Splissy. My nickname is Lissy from Alissa. I happened to spill a lot. I spilled tea in my classroom, and a huge think of water in the back end of the Subaru. Do you ever have moments of spilling a lot?

  2. It's snowed a few times this week. By my work is a hill. I tend to go down the hill, so I don't have problems with me sliding, or someone sliding into me. Well as I was stopped someone turned into me. BANG! It's not bad, but there is a panel that is dented in. Whenever I open my door I feel my car's pain. All the guy that hit me saw was the scrape on my door. That scrape is really nothing compared to the dented in panel, and the part behind the wheel will need to be fixed as well. 

  3. The trouble is, is that my car needs an oil change, my car will need gas, and now my car needs to be fixed. I haven't gotten it in for an oil change because the owner's at my husband's work are out of town. Whenever this happens he stays at work longer. It snowed, so I wasn't about to do anything extra during those snow storms. Then I have a field trip for my class, and a doctor's appointment coming all. All situations where I need a car. We rushed it in for an oil change this morning. We'll just have to deal. At least I'll get a rental car when it's being fixed.

  4. Isaak signed up for an art club with his Leadership Camp. He's doing that this Friday and next. The boy is pretty excited about it. I think they decided to have an art club just because of Isaak's interest. 

  5. I finally found out who the Baby Bandit is. I walked into the classroom and said, "Oh there's no Baby Bandit clue out this morning." The only girl that was in there said, "Don't tell, but it's me. I have the staff member put up clues for me when I'm not here." She's the older one that's going through Chemo. There's nothing that girl can't do!


sunshine said...

Oh no about your car, but haooyvit wasn't worse!!!!
How fun for an art camp, I know he's gonna love it!

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's a bummer about your car :(

I am sure he is going to love art camp. He already has such impressive art skills, it will be fun to see what he creates there.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Hope all is well with your car. This snow is givyme a headache

mail4rosey said...

Ha, you now have the inside scoop on the Baby Bandit! :)

Sorry to hear about your car. I slid down a hill once and into a parked car, with my then-husband's pick-up truck. That was not a fun day (for me or the person whose car I hit). I hate winter driving. Glad you're okay though, that's most important, and hurrah for a rental!


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