Friday, March 23, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. We got our $5,000 medical bill a month ago for Mica's hernia that was fixed. That's with insurance. We called to see if we could get that bill to go down. With all my nose surgery stuff (another $5,000), the tumor on my forehead that came off it's just too much (another $1,000). In order to get medical help they had us file for medicaid. They need to see that we're denied before they can help us. What a crazy process! Fingers crossed that bill gets sliced down! 

  2. Because of crappy medical bills I'm always terrified to go to the doctor. I'm due to see the ENT, due to see the Allergist, and due to see my woman doctor. 

  3. I so wish we'd go back to the Little House on the Prairie days where they exchanged chicken eggs for medical care. 

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  5. I had a testing session for a "freelance" job. They tested me over Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. I was so nervous because I've never been a good test taker. On top of that I've used Excel before, but I didn't realize how extensive the program really is! Lots of formulas! Well I now get a little more what Excel is like.

    All the creative programs I was tested over were multiple choice. I just do things, and don't pay close enough attention to what palettes are called.

    Most of my studying went into Excel, which I hardly use.

    I found out I did above average on the testing. In the interview I asked how much Excel is used, and they said they never use it. Crazy! They seemed to really like me. Apparently I'm too creative for that job. Their words not mine. BUT they have an opening for something they see me doing in a month. I'm ok with waiting. That would get me closer to the end of the school year. They have great pay, and benefits, which we so need! Health insurance for independent workers, or small works that can't afford health insurance for their employees is becoming non existent.

    I had another interview with someone that wants to work with me. She does patterns for allergy/asthma safe bedding. She wants a freelancer that would work for her full time after some time. Hopes to a new chapter with work. 

  6. I posted some design/illustration images on instagram. A curator wanted me to post to their website a piece or two. They then post it to their instagram page. I would get exposer, and get to say that happened on my resume. After I posted the images to them, they emailed me to have me submit some work to possibly entered into their magazine. YAY!  


Theresa Mahoney said...

I get slapped with a $5000 medical bill at the start of every year because of my infusions. Those bills suck, but thankfully that puts me at my deductible for the rest of the year so everything after that is covered, including the $32,000 my specialist in Chicago charges for his yearly colonoscopy (yes, you read that number correctly). I really wish medical costs would be regulated. Getting charged $8 for an aspirin is insane. Charges like that are what makes insurance so high and unaffordable for most of us.

Good luck on your job prospects. That's really exciting about your Instagram exposure!

Harry Flashman said...

I have been paying medical bills for years. I never just pay them off, because payment plans are interest free, and because over the years, inflation used to reduce the actual cost of the bills. But inflation has been low the last few years, so there isn't much point in stringing it out.

We had high deductibles and copayments when we were under my wife's insurance, which was state merit, that is to say, the state provided insurance for state employees. In the 90's, it wasn't so bad, but after Obama Care the cost that the employees had to pay sky rocketed, and the deductibles and copays went through the roof.

Now we are old enough for Medicare, and all I can say is it is better than nothing but it is certainly not all it is cracked up to be.

I saw Theresa's comment, and she's right. My brother had some minor surgery done, and he required an itemized bill. They were billing Blue Cross for things like bed side kits, which turned out to be a plastic basin and a plastic cup, and they were billing hundreds for something like that. But when my brother called Blue Cross, they said they were aware of it but that was how hospitals stayed in business, since they had to treat so many people who never paid their bills at all. I.E. illegal immigrants, et al.

I know life is not fair but sometimes you get tired of being on the short end of the stick.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I feel you, bills have been my nightmares although most of them are covered by our insurance. But still, sometimes I think some of those procedures are overpriced :(

Mandy said...

I'd love to know what all they tested you on with all of those programs? I once got tested on photoshop. I was applying for an internship with a photographer. He sent me a picture, asked me to edit it, and when I was done send him the image over email and call him. I got hired! But the internship was unpaid. :( Oh well. I ended up quitting (when he told me I was spending too much time with my boyfriend, now husband, and not enough time working for free!!!) and now I'm a nanny. I'd love to do something more creative, but I guess that's what blogging is for? How awesome that they thought you were too creative for the job! Hopefully the freelance position in a month or so ends up working out. I think I read in a more recent post that it wasn't looking too good right now but I can still hope for you, right? :)

Sorry about the medical bills. I will also hope you get denied medicaid fast and are able to get extra financing for all of the medical procedures y'all did last year.


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