Friday, August 24, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. The sunflowers that were planted at the end of my neighbor's a few houses down are no longer a visual problem. It rained all day one day. I can see cars again!

  2. Travis said that Mica HAD to sign up for something active, so he signed up for Cross Country.

    We made the mistake of doing what we were supposed to by getting his school paper work in. Then we got a letter afterwards saying that he had to have a school activity card, and be a member of their after school program. We didn't think he needed an activity card because he could careless about going to football or basketball games. The only time he'll be staying after school is for Cross Country, so we didn't sign him up for the after school club. We had to do some back peddling to get that new stuff done. The after school club is a 3 day a week thing (mandatory). He had to stay after school this week twice for the club, and the sport hasn't started yet.

    I hope all this is worth it. Travis gets on me because I have a sour attitude about things the boys don't have to do. I always wonder if it's all worth it? What if we've been through a Sport's Physical, extra paper work, an after school club and he hates Cross Country? Life experiences are important.  

  3. I have to figure out how to get my 1st year students to talk. They just are workers, which is good, but they don't look outside their own brains to see what others are doing. It's important to do that too.

    The new Education Director came to observe me. I was in lecture trying to get my students to talk about things they learned the week before. It was like talking to empty brains. 

  4. Isaak had to have this gold sequence journal at Target. I quickly said, "No! Put it back!" Then I went back and bought it for him for Christmas. He never asks for things. Ha! 

  5. My Mom texted me yesterday that she has Shingles. She got the old shot, that's 50% effective. She was on the list for the new shot, but she wasn't called to get it yet. This is the 2nd living virus she's gotten. She had Polio a year or 2 before before the vaccine came out. It lives inside you like Chicken Pox does - Shingles. Polio is just called Post Polio Syndrome. Post Polio Syndrome did a number on her leg! I'm hoping Shingles aren't too bad for her!

    What are your thoughts on vaccines? I'm pro them, but think they are given too close together in the US. I go with it because I'm afraid I'll mess something up where the boys skip something they shouldn't skip. I used to be more against illegals coming here because of vaccines they don't get that we get here in the US. Then I read a whole article about how Colorado (in general) is really bad about vaccinating their kids. It's the highest place in the US where they don't vaccinate. Yes it's a free country, but when one's freedom is infringing on another's freedom then that's a problem. Isaak got Meningitis before he had all his shots for it, my Mom got Polio and Shingles before she could get her shots. My nephew Emerson has a compromised immune system, so he can't get all his shots on time. Anyhow I'm up for a healthy debate, so what are your thoughts on vaccinations? 


Theresa Mahoney said...

I like that gold journal! So sweet you went back and got it for him for the holidays!

I stopped forcing my girls to do after school stuff. With all of the homework and stuff they already have to do when they get home, I didn't want them to be pissed they had to choose something else to pack into their schedule. Mariah did join greenhouse club her senior year and that was it. She's excelling in college, so I'd say not signing up for extras didn't impact her in the least. Allison, on the other hand, is wanting to join every club she can get her hands on. Drama, spirit, greenhouse. She's got a full schedule this year. As long as they are happy, I'll continue to let them make their own choices on what to join or not join.

I am pro vaccine, however, I wish I would have read more about the Gardasil vaccine before giving it to my girls. I blindly trusted my doctor and said go ahead for both of them. Now that more information is available, I'm kicking myself for letting them vaccinate my girls with it. I would NOT get it for them now. Thankfully, they didn't have any issues with it, but many others have, and that scares me.

An Apel a Day said...

@Theresa, I have heard horrible things about the Gardasil Vaccine. That is one I would skip out on.

jjmon2012 said...

OK a second singles shot have to do some checking on this........ I have had singles and compared to some people I got off light

Rachel B said...

These sounds like some good Omega 3 vitamins plus the bottle is completely full.


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