Friday, September 14, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. I got a new assignment ready for my students. Every year I take a photo that I've taken, add things to it, cut it up into pieces, and they have to recreate it. There are times where I use a preexisting photo I've found online. The results are pretty fun. 

  2. This year I went with a few vacation photos, and added old Warner Brother characters to it. I figured they'd be perfect for desert land. My co-worker must not be familiar with the desert. She told me I needed cartoon flowers in there. The desert lacks flowers. I agree it could use a bit more, but with the time I have it will have to do.

  3. Our convention center got renamed. It got bought out, so they have to change everything along with it. It's quite the controversy! Who bought it out? CHI Health. Why is it a controversy? This place is about their medical care. They charge an arm and a leg. Then turn around to spend $$$$ on a convention center, and have to have their stupid name on it. Cher is coming to preform at CHI Health Center Omaha. She may get confused, and go to a local hospital instead. LOL  

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  5. Mica was in class talking to someone about something. He went to grab his books, and noticed his library book was gone. Instead of telling his teacher he came home to tell me. He was pretty pissed. I was pretty pissed that he didn't say something to his teacher. He thought they were too lazy to deal with it. So me, and outsider can really take care of this? Nope! I was getting more mad, but stopped and thought - He's not the asshat that took the book.

    I said, "You need to go to the library, explain what happened, and ask the procedure to buy the book. If possible could I buy the book on Amazon? Then you'll have to pay me back. You aren't in trouble for taking anything, but you need to learn how to better deal with situations when they happen."

    He went to school, walked to homeroom, and saw his book on the floor by a trash can.  He didn't have to talk to a Librarian after all.

    But he was instructed by me to talk with his teacher (he has her every other day). He had to tell her what happened. Part of his problem is time. He feels like there is no time to talk to teachers, which sadly there isn't. In situations like this he needs to make time. He did it. She had a talk with the class. The joy of middle school. 

  6. Mica will need some therapy someday. Travis turned on his emergency horn today when Mica was walking home - by the car. He walked around the car to see if one of us was there, nope. Then it started honking again. He kept jumping back, and looked to see if he did something wrong. Isaak was inside laughing so hard. We all were really. Are you a prankster? Travis so gets it from me. I'm the worst. I'd hide behind every wall to jump out at people if I could. 

  7. They never introduce new people at work. It annoys the crap out of me. We're so small. Really you can't introduce people that work there? Yet when the group came that comes once every five years to grant us our accreditation we're all the sudden important enough to introduce. Ha! 


Theresa Mahoney said...

Your piece this year is really fun! loved Loony Tunes growing up.

Allison always complains about not having enough time to handle problems either. Sadly, she's probably right too. She hardly has enough time to get her stuff from her locker at the end of the day. She's already missed the bus once due to them not giving any time for the students to handle what needs to be dealt with before and after classes.

mail4rosey said...

I take care to allow my students time to talk to me. One girls raises her hand EVERY day, 'Can I talk to you in private?' It's a little challenging to do every day, but I always make the time. Who knows why she might need that little bit of someone listening to I do. Just in case. :)

I love Loony Tunes. And nope, no flowers in the desert! lol It looks fine as is to me.


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