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@cozyphones Headband Headphones Review

My boys are in love with listening to music. Big headphones are cumbersome, earbuds hurt me and have never fit in my ears very well, and small headphones feel cheap. I want to say, "Thank You!" to CozyPhones for their comfortable headphones. 

Three Types:

1. Adult Active: Black, Blue, White and Pink 

The Active CozyPhones run $19.97 right now. Go pick a pair up! They usually run $29.99.

2. Adult Sleep: Black, Grey and Violet

The Sleep CozyPhones run $21.97 right now. Go pick a pair up! They usually run $29.99.

3. Children Fleece: Unicorn, Panda, Fox, Froggy, Purple Frog, Monster, Cat, Paw Patrol Chase, Paw Patrol Marshall, Paw Patrol Skye, and Pink Bunny 

They run $19.97 right now. Go pick a pair up! They usually run $34.99.

You can buy CozyPhone on Amazon as well. 

They have a 100% money back guaranteed. 

We were sent Adult Active in White. It's made with a lycra that's made to keep your head cool. Mica sweats a lot. I'm glad the fabric makes him cool. It seems to work great.

I thought it would be great considering that Mica is doing Cross Country. I just wish he wouldn't of gotten shin splints. We can't tell if he's milking his pain, but after almost 2 weeks he's still limping. I hope he gets back to running on the weekends.

Mica likes to listen to Led Zeppelin, Jon Bon Jovi, Van Halen and more in his headphones! They connected up great to his phone!

We did go for a walk, and he enjoyed having his music playing.

Mica's CozyPhones came with a bag to store them in.

We were also sent Children Panda. It's made with a soft fleece. It seems to work well. Aren't they so cute?

Isaak loves to listen to Minecraft videos, and feels like he should be equal to Mica with screen time.

Isaak is huge into watching and listening to Michael Jackson videos in his headphones! They connected up great to his kindle!

I do wish Isaak's Panda CozyPhones came with a storage bag like Mica's did.


They both complained at first about the sound being muffled. I think because there's fabric there, the sound does need to be turned up a bit.

They also had to position them properly for hearing music. You can't see where the speakers are. They can be felt inside there, so lining them up to your ears isn't that difficult. You can also move the speakers inside the fabric.

There are somethings I love to listen to: Like songs, but other things I don't like listening to: Like Minecraft videos. Headphones go on PLEASE!


They are wonderful in the comfort department! 

The cords are braided, so they'll hold up better than some other headphones. 

You can actually take the headphones out of the CozyPhones to wash the fabric. 

I don't know how these hold up long term. I've only had them less than a week.

I like that CozyPhones has headphone for active people, people that want to relax, adults and kids. There are so many options.

Which option would you pick?

What would you listen to in your CozyPhones?

Disclaimer: I got these products free to help with this review. CozyPhones did not tell me what to write. I only review products my family or readers will find helpful.


Theresa Mahoney said...

Maybe these would motivate me to work out outside more often? I hate wearing headphones, but these do look cozy!

Allison would chose the panda ones for sure. She's a sucker for anything with a panda on it.

mail4rosey said...

I like that they have a new option for headphones. I'm thinking these might be perfect for my granddaughter.

Veronica Lee said...

These do look cozy! I want them for myself! And the panda ones are too cute!

Liz Mays said...

I'd probably choose adult active, but the kids one are the cutest. Shin splints are no fun! It took me months to heal from mine and I actually stopped running because of them.

Ai Sakura said...

The animal ones for kids are really adorable. I need to get new headphones for Lil Pumpkin as her earpieces are peeling. That's the prob with those covered with faux leather, huh. These definitely won't have that problem!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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