Friday, November 16, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. It must be moody we for my whole family this week. Mica typically goes to bed at 9. One night I had enough of his moody sassiness, so I told him to go to bed at 7:30. He did, and was out by 8. Usually sleep, or food is what we need when we get grumpy. He refused to tell me if something was wrong, so to bed he went. 

  2. I did find something that was bothering Mica. He loves Quiz Bowl! A few students were talking when they weren't supposed to, so his teacher said, "There would be no practice for a few weeks." Mica said, "It just upsets me. It's the one time I can get together with my friends to nerd out. The worst part is, I really like who was talking. It made me so upset that they wouldn't just shut up." Usually Mica rolls with the flow. It's Isaak that gets annoyed with friends for not doing the right thing, naughty or talkative kids in the classroom.

    Mica's Quiz Bowl teacher could have kicked out the few kids out of practices that couldn't keep quiet. Instead they all got kicked out. I wasn't there, so possibly more were talking than I know.

    With that teacher I really respect her. She spends much of her own time on Quiz Bowl. I found out from Mica that his teacher's brother committed suicide at the beginning of the school year. She gets a extreme pass from anything we don't agree with. In fact she's even going to get a holiday gift from us. I appreciate her!

  3. It's starting to become a trend that teachers discipline the whole group, when just a few are talking. I'm not trying to put my boys on a pedestal, but they typically are well mannered in school especially.

    Isaak continues to miss out on recess in his classroom because of kids that can't stop talking. It's pisses me off. My kid needs a break. Kids that can't focus overall need a break, a release of some kind: Recess, Meditation, A Few Laps Around the Track, Redirection, a Snack, Art, Music, and/or Sleep. If they had a release than possibly they wouldn't be as chatty. 

  4. This is what the sink looked like after Mica brushed his teeth. I didn't know weather I should scold him, or laugh. We took a picture, and texted it to him. One thing is for sure...he needs to brush his teeth better!

  5. I really love this next meme. Do you agree with it?


Kim said...

I haven't seen that Dr. Seuss meme before, but isn't that the truth!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Mariah used to get upset when her nerd out stuff got canceled from the chatty kids. It's sad when they all have to suffer because a few can't follow the rules.

The girls used to brush their teeth like that too. Funny thing though, they have healthy teeth and always get complimented on their great oral hygiene, so I wouldn't worry too much about the chunks in the sink here and there.

I haven't seen the meme yet, but it's spot on.


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