Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Doll Maker’s Gift @RoseTheaterCo - Review

I picked the snowiest day of the year so far to go to The Rose Theater. It was so worth it. I needed a break from the house!

The show we saw was called The Doll Maker's Gift. As soon as we got there Isaak said, "I'm going to see this show with my school as well." I said, "Double the fun!" 

It was hard to get a good photo of the boys because it was so cold.

We didn't have to wait too long for the show to start. My boys love to read through the program.

About Return to The Doll Maker's Gift
  • Book by EllaRose Chary and Fran Sillau 
  • Music by Brian Feinstein
  • Lyrics by Sammy Buck Based on The Doll Maker’s Gift by Sashi Fridman 
  • Produced in Partnership With Deborah Denenberg 
Nora is the star of the show. She reminded me of myself. A doll lover, that's super imaginative. Nora lived in a Russian Jewish community that faces the Pogroms of the 1900s, a time of ethnic cleansing of Jews in Russia.

After their cousins' village is attacked, Nora's family is threatened, her family is forced to flee to America.

They discover at the last moment that they don't have enough funds to pay for everyone's passage. Young Nora will have to stay behind, with the threat of attacks ever increasing. She is left with a family friend, a kind doll maker who offers to care for her until they can earn enough money to pay for her journey to America.

Nora and the devoted doll maker show that all obstacles can be overcome with the help of good friends and community.

This show featured original music and an essential story drawn right from history, The Dollmaker’s Gift is an uplifting exploration of what makes humanity great.

I had a talk with the boys about how show that the show meant way more than girls and dolls. It was a feel good show. Don't tell anyone, but I cried when Nora made the voyage with her Mom and sister.

Show Dates:

The show is at The Rose Theater in Omaha, Nebraska from February 22 - March 10, 2019.

Members can receive 4 free tickets, non members pay $20 per ticket.

Call: 402.345.4849 for tickets.

Lobby doors open 45 minutes prior to the show starting. I certainly would get there early to get a seat.

The show is best for ages 8 and up. I can tell my boys will stay interested if it is for older kids.

Cast and Crew:

Nora – Maddie Smith
Rosa – Chloe Irwin
Soldier/Fairy Doll – Annlynn Casey
Soldier/Captain Doll – Chuck Sams
Moshe/Jacob/Boxer Doll – Noah Fowler
Anna/School Girl Doll – Dina Saltzman
Mama – Abby Gerdts
Papa/Guard – Steve Hydeen
Zalushka/Uncle Abraham – Patrick Wolfe
Pola/Aunt Rebecca/Ticket Doll – Sue Gillespie Booton

Artistic/Production Credits:

Director – Fran Sillau
Music Director – Jerry Brabec
Orchestrator – Makulumy Alexander-Hills
Choreographer – Sue Gillespie Booton
Scenic Designer – Jamie Bullins
Lighting Designer – Craig S. Moxon
Sound Designer – Christy Hernandez
Costume, Hair & Makeup Designer – Erin Bragg
Production Stage Manager – Meghan Boucher
Director of Production – Erin M. Solemsaas
Technical Director – Greg Rishoi
Props Mistress – Devon Denn-Young
Resident Costume Designer – Sherri Geerdes
Resident Stage Manager – Lisa Krabbenhoft
Scenic Charge Artist – Savannah Savick
Master Carpenter – Jackson Curtright
Lighting Apprentice – Elton Bradley
Scenic Apprentice – Austin Watson
Stage Management Apprentice – Kali Coates
Run Crew – Jesse Groff
Stitchers – Sherri Geerdes, Erin Bragg, Audio Helkuik, Jill Maenner


Keyboard/Conductor – Jerry Brabec
Sub Percussion – Jeff Kolega
Keyboard – Amy Nunamaker
Percussion – Michael Pollack
Reeds – Michael Prucha
Cello – Patty Ritchie
Sub Cello – Drew Ritchie
Sub Cello – Christa Speed

The End of the Show:

They had a question and answer session. I liked that one of the main stars was there to answer questions. Then there was an autograph signing as well.

I'm really glad we were able to go! I enjoyed it, so much!

Disclaimer: I got tickets from The Rose Theater to help write this review. The Rose Theater did not tell me what to write. All opinions are my own. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

It sounds like such a good play! Allison is learning about the Holocaust right now, so I am sure this would be a show she'd be interested in seeing.

mail4rosey said...

I love that you go see live shows. We used to when we lived up north. It's harder now with work and sport schedules.


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