Monday, October 14, 2019

House of Conundrum

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Mica is part of a Health Care Academy at school. He kind of wishes he did Zoo Academy because most of his friends are in it. BUT he wasn't going to sign up for either. It took a little push from me to get him to apply.

I think it's been good. He wanted to be a Pediatrician, for a few years. Why not use these free resources to figure out if he likes this field, or not? 

During the summer he did a week long camp at a hospital, where they learned about different medical professions everyday. In school he has a lot of medical things he does. He just got done getting CPR trained, phobias, and trauma situations. Next semester he'll be working with patients that have MS and Dementia.

I'm hoping it builds his empathy! Mica's very technical. He rattles off facts.

I am happy that he's been talking to a girl on the phone that's had some problems with friends. Shrink Mica talked her through her problems.

On the other hand when we went to get flu shots Isaak was freaking out. He's always gone to the doctor, for a flu shot. When we showed up at Walmart he said, "They are going to butcher me!" Mica started talking to him about his phobia with needles, and the process of a flu shot. It was freaking Isaak out all the more! Finally I leaned into Mica and said, "Shut up please. You're making it worse." So he needs to work on his bedside manner!

Recently his Health Care Academy had a grant to go to House of Conundrum.

It has nothing to do with heath. Just a time, for all the kid's families to hang out.

Mica picked The Final Frontier. I so would have picked the Abe Lincoln room, but it was Mica's night.

With the help of another family we got through it. The guy said at the end we hit a wormhole, which gave us extra time. He knew we were close to solving it! I only helped with one thing. Ha!

It was Isaak's first time being home alone. It didn't go the best. He got scared with night time noises, and literally forgot to eat because he had soccer practice, then a shower, then homework. BUT he's alive and well. I texted him a few times. 

Have you ever done an escape room? Did you get through?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I've never done an escape room, but I've been wanting to. I'm sure I'd fail though lol.

It's good to try out these things now to get a better feel of what you want to do career wise. Maria has wanted to be a vet ever since she was 5 years old. Senior year of high school she realized she hated messing with blood when they had to start animal dissections. That gave her the opportunity to change her major in college before starting, so it was a smooth transition into biochemistry instead.

mail4rosey said...

I have not done an escape room. I'm guessing we'd get out though, because my oldest kids are pretty bright. If it was me alone, I'd probably fail. ;)


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