Friday, November 15, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. Boy have I been busy. I had like 3 big projects all due this week. Along with grading, I have to shoot photos, put them on the staff server, label them, and critique them.

  2. I went on Instagram, and poof there's an account for Mica. He didn't ask us if he could have an account. Our first kid has a social media account. I could actually see Isaak getting into it more. Isaak's always liked art, taking photos and creative things. Mica could be creative, but cares less to be.
  3. One of my past students passed away. I really will miss her. She was kind, creative, and had a son the same as as Mica. She had type 1 diabetes. After she left her husband, she went into a coma for a few months. In that time her ex took their kids. It was almost impossible, for her to get them back with her health, and depression, and no money. She tried her hardest to stay positive.

    At her (Sam's) celebration of live I saw other past students. One asked me to be friends with them on FB soon after. I accepted, but hesitated. She was one of those students that had one teacher do half her work, and another teacher do the other half her work. When they'd grade, they'd find out she didn't do anything. Since I'm an admin for the school's FB page; I see everything on it. She reviewed the school horribly. Basically she's mad that she has to pay, for student loans. She opted not to touch art, or design, since she's left. Somehow all that is the school's fault.

    She started messaging me right away how she didn't like the school I work for. She wanted to friend me because it's something Sam (girl that passed away) would have done. I didn't respond. I just sent her an image that said, "Peace Love Forgiveness". She later wanted a list of lots of students that went to school with her. I did that. It took awhile. She responded that she didn't remember some of those names. Not my problem. She bashed the school again to me on messenger. I blocked her just on there. It was bothering me too much to have negativity right away with someone that befriended me to be like the positive girl I loved so much. I started thinking about how she probably took the names I gave her, and are saying mean things about me to each and every one of them. It bothered me all week. Next thing I knew she unfriended me entirely. I never did/said anything to her. Travis said I should just let it go. I've had a hard time doing that. She must think I get all that student loan money she's spending. I'm sure she has no understanding that loan companies, and interest rates are much of the problem. She's that slow, that probably is what she's thinking. For the record I had a lot of student loan debt. This girl knows nothing about me.

    Have you ever pissed someone off, and you didn't even know how you did?

  4. I never posted my blow up project, for this year on here. I chose to do Harry Potter and Matilda. They both have magic that happens in them, and there was an argument that they were made on the same set. Yes there were some off parts, but it was a fun theme this year.

    My favorite ones:

  5. I took Isaak to see a school play. His carpool boy wanted to meet up with us, so I could take him home. He didn't know it cost money, we offered to pay, but we were already in the theater. He kept calling Isaak when the show already started. Isaak I could tell was on edge about this. He kept saying, "Read your texts that I sent you!"

    For a school play it was good. 


Liz Mays said...

The artwork is pretty incredible!

I'd probably be glad she unfriended me. Those kinds of people are way too high maintenance for me. Also, the negativity would be too much! Consider yourself lucky she's out of your life.

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's really sad about your student passing away. My nephew has Type 1 Diabetes and I do worry about his future having to deal with that. Lifelong illnesses are just crappy :(

I wouldn't feel bad about getting blocked/unfriended. I don't have time for negative people in my life and that girl sounds like a real downer. I usually don't unfriend them, but I do put their posts on mute. I think I've only blocked 1 person in all the years I've been on facebook.

I really like your blow up project this year!

mail4rosey said...

Zilcho regret about losing the FB 'friend.' Those kind of people out of your circle are always a good thing. Our circles should be peaceful.

I like the themes you chose for your blowup projects.

I'm sorry to hear about the student who passed.


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