Friday, March 13, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. I thought I'd blog more this week. It's spring break. Instead I worked on making logos, and branding for my website.

    What logo do you like, for this non existent company Zumi Loose Leaf Tea Company?

  2. The colors will get lost when I put it on the box, and I may steel only the leaf for certain things.

  3. What logo do you like, for a rebrand of Slinky?

    I'm kind of thinking this one? I could use both color options.

  4. Mica's school trip to Chicago was canceled. I have mixed feelings about it. First off we don't get all the $$$ back, even though we paid for insurance. What kind of madness is that? Chicago wasn't any worse, or better than Omaha, Nebraska was in regards to COVID-19. I had to go through all the shopping, and much of the packing before we learned about the cancelation. On the flip side I should be happy the school district cares.

  5. Going shopping with Mica is stressful. He acts like I enjoy shopping, and it's all for me. Hello! He was the one that said he needed clothes for Cross Country, he wanted snacks for his trip that is now canceled. 90% of the shopping trip was all for him. I heard a lot of huffy puffy blowing your house down kind of noises from him. Heavy sighs!

    This tops it all. Instead of coming out to show me his clothes for Cross Country, he does a selfie, and sends it to me. What the ####? The puck never did come out. What's something that drives you insane?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I like the first Zumi logo and the last Slinky one.

I'm sorry you don't get a full refund on your Chicago payment. Allison thought about signing up for the Paris/London trip at her school, but since we had already done most of the sites they were going to see, I opted not to shell out $3000 for her to do it again. Thank God for that because those kids that did pay aren't getting a full refund either. I would have been livid!

~ Noelle said...

What is the reason for no refund????
Broxton's school trip - cancelled (we are to get a refund)
Savannah's trip- cancelled (didn't think about asking on that yet)
Our family trip- postponed - we can get a refund.
I WOULD BE LIVID if I didn't get all that money I paid...

and that is just too funny about the selfies!


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