Friday, March 20, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. Getting used to this online teaching that happened oh so quickly has been interesting! I've had to change so many things that I do. I sent 2 big emails out to my students. After the 2nd email a student emailed, "Check in number 2". I spent 5 minutes looking at my 2nd email, trying to check what was wrong with it. She was just checking in saying, "I'm here!" Then I spent 5 more minute laughing about it. I needed that laugh.

  2. We were at my parent's house last weekend. We were having a conversation about Mica's eyebrows. He's always had a unibrow. I pluck those suckers out of there. Mica was complaining to my Mom about how it hurts. My Mom asked, "Mica why don't you just do it yourself?" Mica said, "Well Grandma I can't see the hairs up on my forehead to pluck them." My Mom said, "Haven't you ever heard of a mirror?" He said, "Oh I didn't think about that." We laughed and laughed. 

  3. If you remember Isaak had to switch Math teachers midyear. His first teacher (according to his carpool) didn't know how to teach. She was pushing the students really hard. Mainly because she was a 7th grade teacher, and Isaak is in 6th grade. She got put on Administrative Leave, then later fired.

    Isaak loved his new Math teacher. He was all the sudden excited about class. She even sent him this postcard, and his already big eyes lit up!

    Now that they don't have school Isaak's not only sad about not seeing his friends, but also pretty bummed that he doesn't have Math with Ms. Walton. He said, "Mom I was actually enjoying Math." :(

    Did you ever get excited about a certain class in school?

  4. I totally dropped the ball with signing the kids up for any camps. Travis signed up for an art residency, where the whole family would be involved. He had to call about it, to see if he got it. Turns out they didn't read anyone's applications, letters, look at their work. She just picked the top two applicants, and gave it to them. :(

    I'm thinking it's a blessing I didn't sign the kids up for any camps with all that's going on. They may not of been able to participate anyhow. They I may not of gotten my money back. Maybe everything does happen for a reason. 

  5. I was pretty ticked off yesterday. My boss has us still coming in to work, even though we totally could do it at home. They have signs on the doors, "If you're sick, don't come in!" One of my co-workers has been coughing, and snotting. It's not allergies. Then an Adjunct (which I really wish they weren't here!) just got done flying somewhere, and came in. That's totally how this COVID-19 spreads.

    The bossman offers suggestions to make this online stuff smoother. The coworker with a cold thinks the bossman is giving him more to do, making his job harder. I'm stuck in the middle of the two fighting.  


Theresa Mahoney said...

It would be nice if a job can be done from home, bosses should let the employees stay home. Jason just sent his HR rep home for the next 2 weeks because her best friend was a confirmed case (though, I have my suspicions that she's just saying that because she's a single mom and with school out, she doesn't have child care lined up). Though, it's not hurting them if she isn't present, so no harm done.

mail4rosey said...

We are working from home too (my son as a student and me as a teacher). I like it way better, but I know it's creating a lot of hardships for many people.

That's awesome that your son was enjoying Math! I did over an hour with my son today and he has the associative/distributive/communicative thing down now. I enjoyed teaching him.

Have you tried the microwave wax for eyebrows? It works awesome and is super fast. You microwave the container, use the little container to put the warm wax where you want it, and pull it within seconds. It works great and hurts way less than tweezing. I get mine at Sally's Beauty Supply, less than five bucks!

Sorry to hear you have bickering at work. We have it to and I try to stay as far away as possible.

Stay safe. :)

Veronica Lee said...

My son is working from home. Actually, I am enjoying this lockdown time together as a family.

Stay safe, my friend!

~ Noelle said...

Can't work from home in my job... but have enjoyed spending time with the kids when I was furloughed... but miss work too. I was broxtons uni. Lol


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