Tuesday, March 3, 2020

WW: The Orpheum Theater {Linky}

I've been super duper busy with midterms. I had to rewrite my exams because the students have newer systems, so we can't use the online testing system we were using. Lots of work!

Anyhow...a few weeks back we went to The Orpheum Theater here in Omaha, Nebraska. It's such a beautiful building! I took my students there because they were working on a Theatrical Campaign.


I had to pull out the fisheye lens:


The wiring in their main chandelier dates from 1927. It weighs 1,500 pounds and it's 16-feet tall by eight-feet wide.


Back Stage:

Off Stage:


Bubble Lights:

Henry Fonda Room:

Henry Fonda is from Omaha, so he has a room dedicated to him. After this I went home, and put On the Golden Pond on hold at the library. The kids thought it was boring, but I love rewatching it! Travis enjoyed seeing it for the first time.

The Lion King Mask:

Drinking Fountain:

Do you like visiting theaters? We had this one to ourselves! 


Karren~OMHGWW Linky Party said...

What a beautiful theater, I remember the one where I saw Phantom of the Opera, they had a chandelier move from over the stage up to the back of the theater, it was very grand, not to mention a little unnerving because the chandelier was huge.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love old theaters! They are works of art in themselves! So cool that you had the chance to explore without anyone else there. That chandelier is all kinds of gorgeous and the water fountain is lovely. I'm going to our old town theater this Friday. Jason bought us Lion King tickets for an early anniversary gift (our anniversary isn't until May 19) but decided I should take Allison because she'd appreciate the show more. Him and I can always go again some other time. Maybe in Chicago some day.

An Apel a Day said...

@Theresa I've been twice. I loved it more than the Disney movie. Better with the $$$ spent. They are here right now, or really soon. I even like the Director Julie Taymor. She has a few TED talks. Certainly worth the watch. She also Directed Across the Universe, Frida, and Phantom of the Opera. I know she worked on the flop Spider-Man on Broadway. She left. Too many accidents kept happening. I don't think she wanted any part of that.

XmasDolly said...

OH MY GOSH! These are AWESOME! You my friend would make a wonderful photographer. The Lion King mask now that's something definitely to put in a case. We went to Missouri once & they were demolishing a theater. WOW! We got to see the stage and balconies, seats, walls everything. It was awesome & oh so sad at the same time. Then the wrecking ball went swinging. So sad. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics.

kewkew said...

oh my, what a lovely theater. So many great sights to see. And those steps! Wow.

csuhpat1 said...

What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing it with us. Very lovely.

mail4rosey said...

That's nice that you took your students. It is beautiful. I went to the Fox Theater in Detroit once and it was gorgeous too.

Veronica Lee said...

WOW! How magnificent! Lovely photos, A!


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