Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Closure and Depression :(

Many of you know I've been looking for jobs off and on, for a few years. I had opportunities that were close to happening. I had opportunities I had to pass up because I was under a contract.

I only had a few months to look for work during the summer time. Even then, the school I work for had me sign that contract, for the fall almost as soon as the summertime hit.

It was really hard to move in any direction, but straight.

We were told that we could work from home late March. Online classes were hard. I think I could get used to them, but it was different from what I developed before. I stayed up until 10 almost every night during finals time; working on tests.

Yesterday we had a staff meeting. It was just a few of us. My boss said that enrollment was already low, and got impossible when COVID-19 hit. They decided to close the school down, for this incoming class. Along with that went the full time instructors.

Was I surprised? Not really.

Was I sad? Yes. I mean I've been there, since 2002. Before I even had kids.

Was I panicked? Certainly! I had a bite of a job before COVID-19 hit. Well I emailed them again, and they picked someone else. I felt so good about that interview. To be honest I was more mad at them, than getting laid off. I really wanted that job. The person that interviewed me said she'd let me know as soon as a decision was made. They majorly dragged their feet in deciding. Now I'm stabbing at anything trying to get something. During a pandemic it's not really the time to be picky.

I just paid a $1,000 bill for Travis' endoscopy, Travis needs a crown, and I paid our mortgage bill.

I have tons of stuff on my work computer, because I've had it for ages. I don't have any of the Adobe Suit on my home laptop. Scrabble time!

Even though I'm sad, I'm most concerned about Isaak. There's days now where he just wants to lay in bed. Granted he's been going to bed late, but he seems depressed. I don't know what to do. It's not like I can drop everything to spend time with him. I'm applying to places.

If you don't see me much, it's because I'm on the hunt. The job hunt. Who knows maybe I will have to let off steam, and blog. Then you have to listen to me rant. Ha! Please be safe! Our hospitals here are filling up fast, since things have opened up. I love my blogger friends. I don't want to kiss you, but I love your comments, and friendship!

Peace and Love 


Maggie said...

Wow! That's heartbreaking!! Some of my best memories are from my time at TCC. Sadly a lot of the smaller private colleges are closing. Herzing closed after I graduated in 2017 closed down too. I know you will find something you're a talented artist and a great instructor too! Best of Luck!

Lydia C. Lee said...

Good luck. It's a really difficult time. Please don't muck around with the depression - it won't get better by itself. If you can get help for him, do. Good luck. I've my fingers crossed that something comes along soon

Theresa Mahoney said...

Good luck with your job hunt. I know it's scary right now, but I tend to think that when things like this happen, something better is bound to come along. I'm ever the optimist.

I'm sorry Isaak seems down right now. I think we're all feeling that to a point. It's been really hard for me, as an adult, not to see my family and friends. I imagine it's even harder for kids who are used to seeing theirs daily. We had a little issue here at home that needed to be dealt with, so I broke lock down and had Allison go spend the night with her friend last week. We've been checking her oxygen levels daily though since she's been back (they say oxygen levels will drop before any symptoms of Covid19 appear).

~ Noelle said...

So sorry
Something better will come your way.


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