Friday, May 22, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. Today is Graduation Day, for the college I work at. I'm kind of sad about it it. Usually there's a rented place, gowns, top portfolio awards, funny awards that a goofball instructor says, and a ceremony.

    This year it will be a Zoom video that will literally be just the Director talking, and a bunch of names read off. No speeches, no special awards, and no funny awards. Usually inside I roll my eyes at the funny awards, but this year I'll miss them. I am goofy, but I always felt like a graduation wasn't really the time, or the place for it.

  2. I was invited to a past friends daughter's graduation. She babysat, for us once. Her siblings are in Mica and Isaak's classes. We've kind of parted ways. Not because we don't like each other. It's just that we all got busy, and their kids went to a different middle school, than our boys. Do I A. Send a card and money, or do I B. Just not do anything?

    Then our neighbor graduated high school. We literally only say, "Hi" and maybe a 5 minute conversation. We've invited them over early on when we moved to our house. The people across the street have had many neighbors over, invited them, and they never show up. We don't ever get a Christmas card. We weren't invited to anything. I only know their son is graduating because they have a banner in front of their house. Do I A. Send a card and money, or do I B. Just not do anything?

    I'm not saying I need to get something to give something. It's not like that! I just don't know what's expected, or is there a right thing to do? I don't really feel like I know these kids. If they had a party I'd show up. Then I'd justify giving because we went to the party. I'm leaning more towards giving anyhow. How much do you give to this kid you don't know? I think too much! Maybe I'm overthinking this because of the talk about us possibly going into another Great Depression. I have no idea what will happen with my job, when the fall rolls around.

  3. Every year I look at my disgusting windows and think, "Man they need to be cleaned!" Travis is like, "Who cares!". Well apparently I do care. It really doesn't take that long, it looks better, and I feel better after doing it. He grinds metal below our 3 main windows. Boy do they get dirty!

    This year Mica helped. He helped reach where I couldn't. It was wonderful!

  4. Mr. Mica has been acting like a third parent. Has anyone else's kid done this? I know Isaak's 12, a punk-a-monk age. Travis is back at work, and I'm supposed to be working here. He's like, "Mom you should be more strict with Isaak. He's getting away with this _______." The blank changes with the day. What he's getting away with, is the same stuff Mica did when he was Isaak's age.

  5. I have about 3 doctor appointments coming up: Both boys have a check-up + Allergy Doctor for me. I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of not wanting to go considering how lackadaisical people have been in Omaha. Many don't wear masks at all. Do you feel this way, when you leave the house?


Liz Mays said...

I personally wouldn't feel like I had to give a graduation gift to someone I very rarely, if ever, communicate with. But for those people to whom I give gifts, I do at least $50, more if they're close. I'm not gonna lie... I'm glad those days are behind me. It was expensive!

mail4rosey said...

I wouldn't give. My philosophy is if you have to think about it, you shouldn't give. Those you should give to, are the ones you know without question you will be buying for.. Just my opinion. :) Good luck with your decision!

I like to have the windows clean. Awesome that you had help.

My oldest is the 'parent' in the family, even though he has his own house. If we visit he tells me what his youngest brother should or should not be doing, and sometimes tells me what I should be doing. I just say yes, dear and do what I was going to do anyway, most of the time. ;)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I agree with everyone else. I only give to those in my immediate circle of friends and family. It gets too expensive when I have to buy for every Tom, Dick and Harry's kid. I don't expect everyone to gift my girls anything either.

Don't get me started on the masks. On top of 1/2 the people here not wearing them, we went kayaking this weekend with my cousin and his wife, staying 6 feet apart, of course. However, you wouldn't believe the amount of people on the lake all boat hopping in huge crowds not social distancing or wearing masks. It left Jason and I feeling very sad and angry that nobody seems to be taking it seriously around here :(

~ Noelle said...

I would maybe give like a $20 for the friends kid... but nothing for the neighbor.
Lol. My cousin graduated and then my nephew... and my moms neighbor that babysat my kids some... they will get money... but the other friends kids... nope... cant do it.


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