Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. I wasn’t ready, for the slap of cold. I guess I am thankful that we didn’t get hit with snow. Western Nebraska had snow. 

  2. Mica is going to be in a club at school called STEM Advisory Board, which I guess is like Student Council. 

  3. Travis said, “Hey Mica, since you’re in a smarty pants club at school, how about you open this dip the smart way. We all looked at him, and he was trying to stab the plastic film with a blunt carrot. The day and life with Mica. He said, “What?! I don’t want to use my finger. It will get messy.” Travis snapped, and told him to cut it.

  4. The other night, my last customer was this old lady. I said to the manager that she may not of heard the closing announcement on the intercom. She took like 10 min. looking through flowers. The manager looked annoyed.

    When checking out she told me that she has an MRI happening soon. She said, "I think the doctors think I'm crazy in the head. I think I just have a lot going on. My brain just needs a cleaning. They can do that ya know. Just like they do with hearts." I wanted to take her home. She shouldn't of been out that late, by herself. I wish brains could be cleaned like hearts.

    Have you ever had anyone in your life loose it mentally?

  5. Travis begged to go hiking on Labor Day. I really didn’t want to because my allergies and asthma have been so bad! I went anyhow. We got so twisted and turned around, that we had to walk for a long time on the highway to get back to our car. Travis has a habit of taking something quaint, and making it massive. < br />
    On his birthday he was going biking with friends. He was going to be back by lunch, but wasn’t back until dinner. He biked 23 miles.

    When we lived in Pine Lake, GA he wanted to take a “small walk” to Stone Mountain. It was midnight before we got back. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

Poor lady! I hope she got home okay.

Men are worse than women sometimes, I think. Jason says the same thing. This will just be a short (insert whatever he wants to do here) and it always goes several hours past that!

~ Noelle said...

It is too hot here for hiking. I am ready for cold weather!!!!

mail4rosey said...

Aw, my heart goes out to that lady.
I think some of the best adventures are had by just going out and doing something small, that turns into an all day thing. Yes? :)
Congrats to Mica for being on the STEM advisory board.


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