Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Gen Xer

We have the most interesting conversations at the breakfast table. Well, for the most part. Sometimes the boys get on so super hero kick, which I kind of feel like is bubble gum talk. What do I mean by bumble gum talk? It's like pop music, where you listen to it, it is ok to listen to a few times, then you get annoyed with it, and want to spit it out or turn it off. 

The other day we had a conversation on generation gaps. It started when when I called Mica, “Big Brain”. Isaak said that was a term, for his generation. What generation do you fall in? 

I’m a Gen X girl. One trait is that we feel is in between generations. That may not be true to some; I certainly feel it. 

I used to play with my sister that’s 5 years younger than I am, shared a room with my sister that’s 2 years older than I am, taught students in Generation Y and Z, but find the need and want to help Baby Boomers with technology. 

My dad calls me once a week, with a Photoshop question. One of my favorite customers at Fresh Thyme was this older man that couldn’t figure out the card reader - chip. 

Every generation has something to offer. I kind of feel like there's always a war with generations. We need to embrace one another; to learn, grow, have an open mind not bash, and be rude to others. 

There is always something I love about technology, but also make things with my hands. 

Where do you fall in the generation terms? Do you feel like you fit? Compare the generations here: https://www.kasasa.com/articles/generations/gen-x-gen-y-gen-z.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I'm GenX too. I always gravitated towards hanging with the Boomers though. I do love hearing new ideas from the younger set though, but like Boomers, get frustrated with technology sometimes.

mail4rosey said...

Honestly, I'm too old now to care if I fit or not. :) I like all generations. And get annoyed with all of them too, just a little bit. Including mine. My son's music choice annoys me. A lot. Sometimes I have to tell him to turn it off because I just can't hear another second of it. LOL. I am now that mom. ;)


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