Friday, July 16, 2021

A New Fidget Toy

I like to get something for my boys’ stockings that is a toy, but teenage cool. It’s Christmas in July. The time I start collecting gifts, so it’s not super expensive when Christmas comes around. 

This set comes with a Mickey Mouse head and robot.

A new fidget toy is popular. Isaak says he sees kids playing with them at school. 

Why Get Fidget Toys:

They can be phase toys that are a gimmick, but they are fun in the moment. 

I never let my kids take them to school. I’ve heard people talk about them being great for learning. Um ok, but they may be a distraction to others in the classroom. 

My boys keep them at home. If they find them helpful for learning, they can play with them while they do homework. I could see them helping Isaak that has anxiety and possibly ADD, but I don’t think fudge toys would help Mica at all. 

This one comes with two in a package. 

It feels a bit like playing with bubble wrap, but it isn’t loud and annoying. I sort of wish the bubbles were a bit bigger for a fingertip. 

These fidget toy won’t break like a fidget spinner. Plus they are easier to clean. 

They have a spot to add them to a keychain. 


Robot - 1.9”x2.5” 

Mickey Mouse Head - 2.5”x 3”

It’s easy to carry around, but also easy for kids to loose. I like that there’s a keychain hole, so they don’t get lost as easy.

If you don’t like these deigns, there are others by the same company. 

You can get this set on Amazon.

Do you buy holiday gifts year round, or right before?

Disclaimer: I got this product for a discount in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

Looks fun! I also buy gifts year round if I find a good sale or I see something that I know a family member is going to love.

mail4rosey said...

There have been a few students who have brought fidget toys to school. One student in particular, really needed it and it did help him stay seated and focus.


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