Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Pandemic Life Be Like...

Travis said the pandemic life hit me harder than anyone he knows. I think he's probably wrong. There's people that hide that they've had covid, or had people they know that have passed away in their life because of covid. For some reason it's like a secret illness. People don't want to confess that they've had it because that may show their thoughts on not getting the vaccine. It's so odd. I can't even process how separated we all are. 

Travis is right that there's been frustrations for me with jobs, starting menopause, our car's check engine light went off right when covid started up and we can't get the light off. I hardly blog because don't go anywhere, and now I'm at a job where I'm on the computer all day. I really don't want to be on all the more.  

I've started and stopped so many jobs it's crazy. BUT my older sister said that I just need to land that one where I feel a part of the team. 

This is about how I feel about the pandemic: 

We had a friend we've known for 20 years pass away last week. His wife said he had pneumonia to everyone online. It was covid. He was in the hospital for months. He got put on an ECMO machine to recycle his blood. In the end there were lacerations all over his lungs, and they just had to say goodbye. He left behind a wife, a 14 year old and a 17 year old. His wife is still against getting vaccinated, and masking up. All I can think of is those poor boys that didn't get a chance to make a decision about any of it. Now they won't have a dad. I know their family isn't alone. There are many like theirs. It's sad. I wish I could magically bring him back for his kids. 

An illness apparently brought out secrecy, people feeling that their rights are being taken away, and a whole lot of "I do my own research." I see our freedom, and with that freedom comes a cost. The cost of lives lost. 


mail4rosey said...

I'm sorry to hear about the man passing. Covid has been hard in a lot of ways.

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's really sad about the man passing. I lost my dad when I was a teen too, and that was rough.

For the vaccine, I know we all have our feelings one way or another on it, but for me, I won't condemn anyone who doesn't want to get it. I'm fully vaccinated, as is my family, but given the choice for a do-over, I would not get it. I've had heart issues ever since that my doctors have been trying to correct. My case is rare, but I think I would have rather taken my chances with Covid as an immunocompromised person at this point. I won't even schedule my yearly colonoscopy because I am terrified of the anesthesia they give sending me into cardiac arrest now. And I'll let you in on another thing. My daughter works for one of the research companies that did testing on one of the more sought after vaccines (which I will not name because I don't want to jeopardize her job). Her boss, who had a direct hand in the testing, refuses to get the vaccine herself. If that doesn't give anyone pause, I don't know what would. Get the vaccine, great. Don't get the vaccine, your choice. I just don't believe in pressuring anyone the way Biden has been doing these past few months to get a vaccine where we're all essentially guinea pigs. Additionally, I've had several people very close to me strictly follow the mask wearing, social distancing and being vaccinated and still caught Covid recently. Vaxxed or not, there's no rhyme or reason right now on who gets it and who doesn't.

Terra Heck said...

I agree with what Theresa said. I think it's an individual's choice. Seems COVID has hit a lot of us hard, whether it be health, job, or life related. Hope you find the job you want soon.

Veronica Lee said...

Sometimes I'm not sure what to think anymore. I heard of many people who had severe effects from the vaccinations. I am fully vaccinated and suffered no ill effects but no everyone is as lucky.

Stay safe, A.


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