Friday, December 17, 2021

It's a Wonderful Life @RoseTheaterCo Review

It was really great to visit The Rose Theater again! It's been awhile, since we've gone there. Too long! Their shows are geared towards kids, and my boys are 13 and 16. BUT their latest show is wonderful for my boy's ages. 

We all enjoyed the show It's a Wonderful Life. It's their first show that they had at The Rose Theater in 1995. 

    Overall Thoughts:

    Travis said he felt like he could relate to the dad in the play. He seriously can be a Scrooge during this time of year. All holiday things fall in my lap. Santa Claus in our house is not a guy. It's a girl all the way. LOL

    Isaak just liked being there. He misses going places, and doing things. It kept his attention all the way through. 

    Mica liked that it wasn't a musical. They typically do have mostly musicals at The Rose Theater. A play is great to go to as well. he now gets all the hidden humor that only adults catch. 

    I liked that it was less draggy than the movie. The movie just kind of goes on and on. The play didn't seem to do that. It was entertaining throughout. I did feel a bit sad because I thought about how kids missed so much with live performances that places like The Rose Theater offers. 

    Safety First:

    I have to be honest, we really don't go very many places, since covid became a thing. I'm vaccinate and boosted, I still wear a mask, and I still feel like other people do not care; they either get it or don't. I have to really want to go somewhere to venture out to do things. At this show masks were required. Overall people were respectful of that. The actors didn't wear masks while they were performing. They had less people in the venue to help stop the spread as well. It was also available for online streaming. 


    Meet George Bailey, whose guardian angel has to descend on Christmas Eve to save him from despair and to remind him that his has been, after all, a wonderful life. George always wanted to get out of the town he lived in, but one thing lead to another and he was stuck. It's about George realizing that his town and life were not as bad as he thought. Featuring live music from the era and a virtuosic cast playing multiple roles, this production is the perfect homage to the power of community. 

    The Set

    The set was really pretty with things from the town and decked out with Christmas stuff. I liked seeing old things like the phone, and radio. 

    Show Dates:

    The show is at The Rose Theater in Omaha, Nebraska from December 5-20, 2021. There are online shows.

    It's 75 minutes.   

    It is for all ages. 

    Cast and Crew:

    Actor 1 (Clarence) – Wayne Hudson II 
    Actor 2 (Joseph) – Stella Clark-Kaczmarek 
    Actor 3 (George Bailey) – Marcel Daly 
    Actor 4 (Peter/Mary) – Delaney Jackson 
    Actor 5 (Billy/Harry) – Zhomontee Watson 
    Actor 6 (Potter/Burt/Others) – Matthew Olsen 
    Actor 7 (Pete/Sam/Others) – Natalie Hanson 
    Actor 8 (Violet/Erin/others) – Carina Dumarce 
    Actor 9 (Janie/others) – Maddie Smith 
    Actor 10 (Zuzu/others) – Anina Frey 
    Actor 11 (Understudy 3 & 6) – Kevin Ehrhart 
    Actor 12 (Understudy 4, 5, 7, 8) – Caulene Hudson-Pace 
    Actor 13 (Understudy 1, 2, 9, 10) – Grace Garrigan 

    Artistic/Production Credits Director – Sarah Brown 
    Assistant Director – LaDareon ‘LD’ Copeland 
    Music Director – Jerry Brabec 
    Choreographer – Sue Gillespie Booton 
    Stage Manager – Lisa Krabbenhoft 
    Scenic Designer – Lindsey Purvis Lighting Designer – Matt Benes 
    Sound Designer/Engineer – Christy Hernandez 
    Costume Designer – Sherri Geerdes 
    Hair & Makeup Designer – Zach Kloppenborg 
    Director of Production – Erin M. Solemsaas 
    Technical Director – Hunter Andrews Props Mistress – Devon Denn-Young 
    Scenic Charge Artist – Savannah Savick Master Carpenter – Jackson Curtright Stitchers – Sherri Geerdes, Zach Kloppenborg, Audio Helkuik

    Contact The Rose Box Office: 

    • 402.345.4849 for more information
    • Tickets for play are $20 Main Floor 
    • Members of The Rose receive discounted tickets to the production

    Disclaimer: I received tickets from The Rose Theater to see It's a Wonderful Life. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


    Terra Heck said...

    Glad you guys had a good time! I can't say I've ever seen 'It's A Wonderful Life'. May have to watch it sometime.

    mail4rosey said...

    I've only seen bits and pieces of the movie. Awesome to watch a live version!

    Lisa@TwoBearsFarm said...

    This looks like fun. The play was put on at the community theatre here, but we didn't make it to any of the shows.

    Theresa Mahoney said...

    We watch the movie every Christmas Eve as tradition. I'd love to see it performed live though!


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