Thursday, May 19, 2022

Happy Birthday Isaak

I know I've been a horrible slacker with blogging. Sorry! 

Having a job where I actually create things everyday, I get into work. 

Isaak, you turn 14 today! Woo hoo! You haven't even hit that gigantic growth spurt yet, and you're already taller than I am. I have a feeling you are going to be taller than Mica. We shall see. 

Lots of good things have happened to you this year. You decided you're going to let punks roll off your back because you are better than that. You have great teachers this year, so your grades have been all A's. Some big projects are stressing you out at the end, so we'll see if your grades stay all A's. In the past you had some not so nice teachers, not all supportive teachers, and excuse my language – asshole kids that put a negative light in your life. It's wonderful things have turned around.

A few things with school: You got the Rotary Honor Roll, your team won Think Tank. 

You got into a new high school called Buena Vista. I'm a bit stressed because it's kind of far, but there is busing. Knowing Omaha Public Schools, busing isn't always a guarantee. Of course Mica looses busing, with the new schools built. I really don't want him driving my new car. The schools are very far apart. Fingers crossed it all works out. I hope the bus gets you, and then I'll only need to worry about Mica. How cool will it be to go to a new school, with a beautiful outside and inside, and no upper classmen?! You are excited about your fresh start. 

You started back up with one of things you love, piano lessons. When Covid happened they got shut down. Then your teacher got pregnant and didn't teach any longer. Her mom teaches, but she's really strict and not into creativity. We found someone walking distance. He loves to teach the notes, but also encourages creativity. They have recitals with other kids he teaches. You are motivated with that. Your instructor said you can come to practice on one of his three pianos as long as you text ahead of time. All we have room for is a keyboard. He has a story for every song that I person plays. I love storytellers. He's all about you writing songs too. Here's a song you wrote.

You still love to draw, get excited about small things like the bird's nest outside your window. Right now you want to be a phycologist. 

I got you a few shirts. You're into artsy tees. You love being in the kitchen, so you got a sushi set. I'm looking forward to that.

Happy Birthday! 

I hope things continue to push forward in a positive light.





csuhpat1 said...

Happy Blessed Birthday to him.

mail4rosey said...

Happy Birthday to him! My son is 14 too. They are that wonderful stage where they are half boy, half man. I'm glad he had a great school year. I know that was an issue before. Hurrah for good teachers and nice classmates! Here's to continuing good fortune in the future!

Terra Heck said...

Happy belated birthday to Isaak!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Happiest birthday, a little late, Isaak! I love your creative nature and hope that if it makes you happy, you keep following that path in life. Your gentle soul will also take you far in psychology, I am sure. Here's to a fresh start in the new school and a great year ahead of you!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Oh my .. Isaak is really growing up and what a fine young man he is, Alissa. Happy happy birthday to you Isaak and all the very best for the nearest future!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Happiest birthday to Isaak. He's 14 and look at him. What a fine young man! All the very best for your nearest future, Isaak! Cheers from Wellington


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