Thursday, August 16, 2018

Cabbage Roll Soup #recipe

This is the time of year where we become loaded with garden tomatoes. Some years we can them, other years I just take the skin off them, deseed them, bag and freeze them. The extra juice from the tomatoes goes into ice cube trays. We use the tomato juice in soups.

We all like Cabbage Roll Soup!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

WW: Hummel Day Camp {Linky}

The boy's last camp was last week. It's an outdoor camp at Hummel Park. The kids get dirty, they cook over a fire, play outdoor games, hike, go on obstacle courses and much more.

Isaak went on the obstacle course and decided it would be a great idea to go under it. His whole group was cheering him on. He got so muddy he couldn't see. He rolled around in the dirt and sand. They nicknamed him, "Breaded Chicken". He had to be hosed off before they'd let him on the bus to go home. If he only knew that his brother got a huge rash from mud one year.

Isaak got the Muddiest Camper Award - Breaded Chicken

Isaak went on and on talking for 40 min. about his first day of camp. He told me every detail!

Mica complains about Hummel Camp before he goes there. He says he doesn't like the outdoors, and reminds me every year about the rash he got from the mud. Every year (minus getting the rash the one year) he's gone he enjoys it.

Mica wrote a camp lunch song to Led Zeppelin's Black Dog. He was really excited about it. Poof! His excitement was ran into the ground when he got to camp, and realized no one knew his song. :( He came home and said, "Mom people my age just need to be more cultured."

Neither of his camp councilors must have known the Black Dog by Led Zeppelin either because they game him the Beatles Award. LOL! 

Mica did however win what all camper's aim for, The Hummel Cup Award. It just means that you kept your campsite clean, followed rules, and aimed for camping success. They just get to run around the camp with a big trophy, and that's it. To them it's success. Here's my nephew Evan and Mica running around the camp following their Hummel Cup trophy.

Have you been hiking this summer?

Monday, August 13, 2018

#backtoschool With Wee Blessing

I was contacted in May to review some clothes from Wee Blessing. I am so excited to share them with you!

We went through many of Mica and Isaak's old clothes this weekend, and have filled up a big bag of hand me downs for my nephews. Boom! Wee Blessing set Isaak up with lots of new fun things to wear when he goes back to school on Wednesday!

Each Blessing comes with not 1, but 3 hand selected outfits.

Wee Blessing started us out with a survey to get to know who they are hand picking outfits out for. I think this is an excellent way to get to know their clients.

Isaak's favorite is his Just Hangin' Out Spider-Man shirt, and what he calls "Basketball Shorts". They can be worn for other things besides basketball. He just calls them that because they are easy to move around in.

Gymboree Gray Spider-Man Hangin' Out Tee $26 marked down to $12
Oshkosh Navy/White Drawstring Shorts $22 marked down to $10

Isaak also loves his basketball shirt! He's super into that sport. The tan shorts were already his own.

Children's Place Black All Net Tee $10.50 marked down to $5

Isaak did get a pair of pants there were a bit tight. No worries. Wee Blessing gives you 10 days to decide if you want to keep things, or not. They make it really easy to return. I happen to like the style of pants, so we're opting to keep them to give to my nephews.

Urband Pipeline Jogger Pants $40 marked down to $18

While the red shirt wasn't Isaak's favorite, it looks good on him. I like that it has a hood. It will be good for transitional weather. Especially if his jacket doesn't have a hood. The grey slate shorts will go well with a lot of different things. I'm really glad they sent them in the box.

Arizona Jean Co. Red Hooded Tee $22 marked down to $10
Free Planet Slate Gray Performance Shorts $40 marked down to $18

They had the Free Planet Slate Gray Performance Shorts set to go with the Children's Place Black All Net Tee, but we liked it with the shorts with the Arizona Jean Co. Red Hooded Tee better. Somethings are neutral enough that they can go with anything!


I really like that they showed the price break downs on everything in the box.

Thank You:

Wee Blessing sent a thank you card. I really liked that extra touch.

Connect With Wee Blessing:

Type in ANAPELADAY for 20% off your first order with Wee Blessing. They have hand picked clothes for women, men, kids, baby, and maternity. It's a win, win! 

Have you gotten any clothes for yourself or someone else this back to school season?

Disclaimer: The opinions on this post are my own. I got the products to help spread the word for Wee Blessing. 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. We have a new Education Director where I work.

    So far I've made an ass out of myself twice:

    1. I swore I didn't get my syllabi back from him. I've had them done, since May. They were in my junk folder. Now with email from home I get junk all the time, so I know to check that folder. Here at work I never get junk, so I never check it.

    2. He came into the break room. I said, "Oh yay you are eating with us today!" He grabbed his lunch, and took it into his office to eat. Now I'm thinking - is he that busy, or does he not like us? I tend to over think things like that.
  2. I went to a showing of a movie here for Breastfeeding Week called, Milkyway. It talked a lot about how many conservatives think of breastfeeding as gross because boobs have been sexualized so much. Many liberals think of breastfeeding as demeaning to women because they then feel the need to stay home, and not work outside the house. Considering I'm in the middle of many areas I disagree with both ways of thinking. Milkyway was a great eye opening movie!

    I breastfed Mica and Isaak for 2 1/2 years each. I was hard! Mica was born with a cyst under his tongue; making his tongue really skinny on one side. Had I not breastfed him his tongue may not have developed as much as it did. With Isaak, we weren't getting the right latch. I was sore! Both kids lost a lot of weight. Because I paid over $500 for a pump I was determined to make it work. Formula has high fructose corn syrup, and other bad things in it that isn't natural. I try my best not to judge people for formula feeding considering all the problems I had, but breast is best overall in my book. No other animal drinks naturally from another animal. I'm glad we stuck with it! Both boys went on to get some pretty major illnesses, so my antibodies went to them. I'm so lucky I had the support of my sister Terra, my Mom, the boy's Pediatrician, and the hospitals when the boy's were sick.
  3. My husband is a goof at times, and I love it. He used to be Mr. Serious. Are you more serious, or silly in nature? 

  4. I saw this tar on the street. It looked like George Washington's brother, or something.

  5. We went out to ice cream. They make it there. This flavor was Baklava Coffee. It was good. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

    I really loved the sign they had up in their shop!

Happy 13th Birthday Mica!

Dear Mica,

Happy Birthday son! You are now an official teen. Next Thursday you start 7th grade.

You've surpassed me in hight, you're always hungry, so I know you're going to keep on growing.

I still need to take you out, for a photoshoot.

Birthday Prank:

He needed a new water bottle for school, so I got him one. For some reason water bottles were a problem last year. One got broke twice, and another lost. He also asked for candy, so I filled the water bottle up with Sour Patch Kids - I know he likes them. I told him this morning that when you turn 13, you don't get wrapped gifts. The water bottle was his 1 and only gift. He knew somehow I was messing with him. As the morning wore on I came clean that he had 2 more gifts. He was happy.

Things You Like:
  • You're into survival games like Risk, Pandemic, and Catan
  • Wipe Out, or any other obstacle course show
  • You beg for Little Debbie snack things in the grocery store
  • Videos on The Black Hole
  • World history - In particular World War II
  • Reading anything
  • Volunteering at the library 
  • Music! You seem to be into Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, and Michael Jackson lately
  • Legos 
  • To make faces when I try and photograph you

Things You Dislike:
  • Bugs
  • If someone pops out at you, you get scared easily
  • You swear you don't like the outdoors, but seem to enjoy your outdoor camp
  • You dislike your brother coming into your room
  • You get annoyed when other people your age don't know classic songs
  • Eggs
  • Tasks, but they are good for you 
  • You've been watching Isaak more and more - When we're around you fight, when it's just you two you are friends
  • You want to try out for cross-country and possibly get into the drama department at school
I hope you have a great 13th birthday!



Tuesday, August 7, 2018

WW: Nature {Linky}

This is a garter snake skin that Mica found, and gave to Isaak. I love how you can see the eyes.

I also loved when I saw a bug encased inside a dandelion. 

A Thistle:

An Acorn:

I'm Not Sure What This Was:

Typical Nebraska Grassland:

 Does nature ever inspire you?

Monday, August 6, 2018

Tunic Review

I ❤️ the colors and patterns in shirts. I have to say that many shirts we have in the US are fairly bland. The shirts that Aincrso are so much more than typical US shirts.


I did have trouble choosing a Aincrso shirt. In the end I tried to pick a shirt that was different from anything else I've owned.

I also really liked their black shirt with colorful flowers on it. A part of me wished I would have picked that one. Not because of the colors, but because of the cut. I'm not a huge fan of the line right above the stomach line. The black tunic with flowers didn't have that same line that I noticed. In all they have 15 different choices, with varying colors and patterns.


I like all sleeve lengths. I do have one slight problem, I have ape arms - also known as really long arms.

Long sleeves sometimes aren't long enough.

Short sleeves can only be worn comfortably in the spring and summer here in Nebraska.

3/4 sleeves are ideal! They can be worn any season, and I don't have the problem of my arms being too long for the sleeves.

Where to Get This Tunic:

You can get it on Amazon for $19.80 on Amazon Prime.

What do you look for in a shirt?

Disclaimer: I got this product for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. I only review items I think my readers, or family can use.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. Every time I leave my driveway I have a huge blind spot. Big sunflowers are in my way of me seeing. Who puts sunflowers right where people need to see? My neighbor's two houses down do. 

  2. We're double booked on Sunday. We have my mom's side - family reunion that day. Then Travis' uncle texted him to say he'll be in town. We hardly have family from Travis' side reach out to us, or want to get together. We're doing both. Instead of going to the reunion for lunch and on, we're going around breakfast to lunch. Then we can spend a few hours with his uncle. Have you gotten double booked any time this summer?

  3. A new guy started as the role of Education Director when I left for vacation. He was off the week I got back because the Director was on vacation then. I have to admit I was pretty annoyed that I hadn't gotten my syllabi back from being proof read. They've been done, since May! It was my fault - sort of. They were in my junk folder. With my 2 home emails I know to check my junk folder. At work nothing goes in my junk folder. I really only get internal emails. I felt bad about accusing him of not sending them to me. I said I was sorry, once I figured out where they were hiding. 

  4. Mrs Clean Freak has continued to give me tasks to do, but I'm not quite as annoyed as I was. I don't mind being told what to do. I just don't like little to do lists thrown my way. It makes me feel small in some odd sort of way. I also didn't like when she would give me things to do, but she herself wasn't doing anything.

    I won't have to worry about Mrs Clean Freak very much longer, as she put in her notice. 

  5. Travis has been working his butt off on a sculpture. I'm pretty sure he's annoyed some neighbors on the block. Grind, grind, grinding on metal is an annoying sound that I've gotten very good at blocking out. At least he'll soon have a piece to add to his site soon. Do you have any projects in the works - not just art, but home projects?

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Pressman Toy® Releases The Oregon Trail: Journey to Willamette Valley™ Card Game #ad

Do you remember how I blogged about Mica enjoying his time at Get Your Game On! Camp? He's been into board games big time. 

I'm excited to share with you a new card game: 

Pressman Toy has teamed up with global learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, for the third installment of The Oregon Trail game series, The Oregon Trail: Journey to Willamette Valley. Based on the classic PC game, this Target exclusive board game will be hitting shelves this fall. Pioneers must gather their supplies and family members as they embark on the voyage from Independence, MO to Willamette Valley.

Unlike the cooperative nature of its original games, The Oregon Trail Card Game and The Oregon Trail: Hunt for Food, the newest game will be a competitive strategy board game with every wagon out for themselves. In addition, the new game is tile-based as players ford the trail, discovering a multitude of pathways with each gameplay. With 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up, The Oregon Trail: Journey to Willamette Valley will require strategy and luck as players race and search for their fortune in the West.

“We’re excited to offer Oregon Trail fans a new twist on one of the most beloved computer games,” said David Norman, President of Pressman Toy. “We wish you and your fellow travelers the best of luck as you race to victory in The Oregon Trail: Journey to Willamette Valley.”

To start, players will receive a wagon, family members, some food, and a pistol for hunting. As the play progresses, players will endure dangerous terrain and deadly calamities. The object of the game is to complete the perilous journey while keeping as much money as possible to start your new life. However, if family members die along the way, their funeral arrangements will be deducted from the player’s total fortune.

“We’re thrilled to bring The Oregon Trail to life again, together with Pressman Toy,” said Caroline Fraser, Head of HMH Productions at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. “This is a brand so close to the hearts of fans everywhere, and we’re excited to offer more fresh ways for fans to connect to The Oregon Trail.”

About Pressman Toy:

Since 1922, Pressman Toy has been entertaining families for generations – from making Chinese Checkers into a craze that swept the nation in the 1920s to creating timeless classics such as Rummikub®, Tri-Ominos®, and Mastermind®.

Pressman’s iconic red boxes have introduced millions of Americans to the joys of Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Cribbage, Bingo, Dominoes, Mancala, and a host of other classic games. Pressman has helped youth discover the world around them with its classic toddler toys, such as Let’s Go Fishin’™, Mr. Bucket™, and Lucky Ducks™. In addition, Pressman Toy has been a leader in creating licensed games and puzzles based on the Diary of the Wimpy Kid™, The Oregon Trail™, Harry Potter™, Wheel of Fortune™, and more.

Pressman Toy has promoted global learning with its STEM and educational products that encourage critical thinking, sequencing, problem-solving, and other fundamental skills. For more information, please visit

About Houghton Mifflin Harcourt:

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (NASDAQ: HMHC) is a global learning company committed to delivering integrated solutions that engage learners, empower educators and improve student outcomes. As a leading provider of K–12 core curriculum, supplemental solutions and professional learning services, HMH partners with educators and school districts to uncover solutions that unlock students' potential and extend teachers' capabilities. HMH serves more than 50 million students and three million educators in 150 countries, while its award-winning children's books, novels, non-fiction, and reference titles are enjoyed by readers throughout the world. For more information, visit Follow HMH on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

About Brandgenuity:

Brandgenuity is a leading global independent brand licensing agency headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Munich and Hong Kong. The agency is ranked amongst the top 15 licensing agencies worldwide. Brandgenuity extends famous and iconic brands into new categories to build awareness and generate incremental revenue. A full suite of licensing services includes strategic licensing planning, prospecting, legal support & contract negotiation, retail development and assisting manufacturers in the strategic acquisition of licenses. The agency’s clients include BMW, Oddbods, Fur Babies World, White Castle, Church & Dwight (ARM & HAMMER), Edgewell (Edge, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic, Playtex), MGM Studios (The Addams Family, Anna & the Apocalypse, Rocky, Pink Panther), PUR, Planet Fitness, ABI (Budweiser, Corona), Viacom Networks (MTV, VH1, Comedy Central), NFLPA, Welch’s, Mrs. Fields, and others. For more information, contact

Disclaimer: I didn't get a game in exchange for posting this press release. I'm only sharing because I thought some of you may be interested in it.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

WW: Doves {Linky}

When we went on vacation we woke up to the sound of a dove. It was right out our front door. It was pretty cool to watch them. 

Meet Mamma:

Meet Baby:


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