Friday, June 14, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. I've had this friend, since high school. He's such a character. We're not as close as we used to be. We're still friends on facebook.

    When I was in college I went to a snake convention with him. What an odd thing to go to. People were getting drunk, and taking passionately about snakes.

    He has for his job on facebook Life Coach of the Damned.

    He makes comments about being a Scientologist on Taco Bell's facebook page. It's like therapy to him to have people react to what he writes. Because it's a public group, here is the messaging back and forth from Andrew (my friend) and this lady bent out of shape about his comments.

    He tells everyone to post about Scientology on Taco Bell's facebook page if you're feeling down and out. Oh my!

  2. Summer school started for one of my coworkers. Let's just say that it started with a whole bunch of attitude. My coworker was so annoyed, but later said, "She's going through a lot of stuff right now." I never buy that business.

    My younger sister had a baby when I was college aged. I didn't know until 2 months before she delivered. The baby was born, and died in the same weekend. That never gave me an excuse to go back to school to treat people like crap.

    One of my best students has cancer, her brother died last year of suicide. Guess what? She's super nice.

  3. Isaak has a Babysitting Clinic at the library today. They grow up too fast.

  4. Isaak kept calling his "Notifications" on his phone "Nodifications".

  5. Travis gets annoyed that Mica's phone is called "Queen Latifah". He called it that when he was big into Queen the band. I sent him a meme of her that said, "I'm the real Queen!"

    Travis also gets annoyed that Mica has nicknamed everyone in his phone. I'm "Momma Mia", Travis is, "Dadda Dia", my Mom is "Female G" G standing for Grandma, my sister Terra is "Auntie Olle", and my sister Angie is "Auntie Fresh".

Thursday, June 13, 2019

#diy #dandelion #salve

About 6 weeks ago I picked Dandelions like crazy! I knew every part of them could be devoured or used in some way, but had to look up how to use them. 

-The flowers can be used in muffins, cakes, and other bread products.

-The roots can be used for teas.

-They can be used to make jellies, jams and syrups.

-The flowers can be used for making salve.

What you Need to Make Infused Dandelion Oil and Dandelion Salve:
  • 4 Cups Dandelion Flowers
  • A Colander
  • A Full Body Towel
  • 16 Ounces of Olive Oil
  • 2 Ounces of Coconut Oil
  • 2 Ounces of Bees Wax
  • 15 Drops of Essential Oil (Whatever Scent You Like)
  • 1 Large Mason Jar
  • 1 Medium Bowl, or 4 Cup Measurer 
  • 1 Medium Pot, or Double Boiler 
  • 1 or 2 Containers With Lids for the Salve
  • Small Wire Mesh
Time to Make Infused Dandelion Oil

Pick, Pick, Pick:

Start out by picking 4 cups of Dandelion flowers.

Wash them, and get the water out as much as you can. I used a colander.

Dry them on a flat body towel, for 2 to 3 days. They will look what I call "tired" by the 3rd day.

Place them in a large mason jar, and pour 16 ounces of Olive Oil on top.

I used this Olive Oil, but you can use any for this. It's for a salve, so it's not consumed.

Stick a lid on it, and set it out of the sun for 5 to 6 weeks. I wasn't in a hurry, so I did this slower method.

Faster Method:

Heat up a small amount of water in a pot, and put the jar of mostly dried Dandelion flowers with the Olive Oil inside the pan. You'll heat the pot to medium. Turn the heat off, once the water is heated up - not boiling. Let the water cool! Set the jar out of the sun for a week or 2.

This is What it Looks Like After it's had Infusion Time:


I used a 4 cup measurer, but you can use a bowl for this next part. Put a wire mesh on top, and pour your infused Dandelion Oil into it. You will need to push it down with the back of a spoon, or your fingers. It will be sludgy. If you are using your fingers, it will get messy. Put the sledge in the compost, or in your trash.

The Infused Oil is Actually Pretty:

Time to Make Dandelion Salve

Heat Things Up:

I used a double boiler, but you can you just a medium pot if you don't have a double boiler. Put a small amount water in the medium pot, or the bottom pot if you are using a double boiler. Turn the heat on to medium.

Add a smaller pot the fits inside the medium pot if you're not using a double boiler.

Add 2 ounces of Coconut Oil to the smaller pot, or top of the double boiler. Melt it all the way. Then add 2 ounces of Beeswax. Stir it until it's melted.


It will start to look funky during this process. You haven't done anything wrong. Just keep stirring, and let it melt. It reminded me looks wise like Egg Drop Soup. Don't drink it. Ha!

You are waiting for it to melt down. Not to boil. 

Add the 10 to 15 Drops of Essential Oils:

I put in 10 of Peppermint Oil, and 5 of Lavender Oil. Stir it some more.

Time to Dump it:

I used a small, wide mason jar. You want something you can get your fingers in. I had more, so I also used a travel size plastic container that once had a Grape Fruit Body Scrub in it. 

Full Dandelion Salve:

Travel Size of Dandelion Salve:

Let it be!

It will set up. I went to the store, came back it it was set up.

Full Dandelion Salve:

Travel Size of Dandelion Salve:

Put lids on them, and you are done!

Travis has been working hard outside, so I gave him a back message with this salve. It worked great!  You can also use it for your hands, legs, feet. It both moisturizes and gets in those sore muscles. 

We have enough to last awhile. If we go on any trips, we have a travel sized container to take with us. 

Disclaimer: This is not a post where I reviewed any products. All opinions, and photos are my own. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

WW: Chair #design #linky

My husband submitted a chair design to be in an architecture firm.

His little model made it. 

For a three or four months he worked his butt off on the real thing. I made a lot of meals, and helped Isaak a ton with homework. 

He had his show a few weeks ago. 

That tiny thing in front of the chair in the 4th picture is his model in the first picture.

Here he is! You can see more of my husband's work here.

Post ANY post you want comment love on! It doesn't have to be wordless or wordful. I like rules sometimes, but they are meant to be broken. Link up a post! 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Drying Oregano and Making #Oregano Oil

This is a 2 part post: How to Dry Oregano and How to Make Oregano Oil. 

You need to know how to dry the oregano in order to make oregano oil. 

Things You Need:

Grow Oregano in an area that is alone. It loves to spread, and invade other plants. We planted ours off to the side of our house.

Kitchen Sheers or Scissors to cut the Oregano.

Running Water to wash the Oregano.

A few Towels to dry the Oregano.

A Food Processor to grind the Oregano.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make Oregano Oil.

A Mason Jar to mix the Oregano Oil.

A Sunny Window to heat the Oregano Oil.

A Wire Mesh to strain out the Oregano Oil.

Let's Get Started:

First off there is nothing wrong with just letting Oregano grow. Bees love it when it flowers. There's been years where I just let it go.

I find it easiest to cut a bunch at once. I use kitchen sheers to cut it.

You will find some Oregano is one single steam. Those are the easiest to remove the leaves. Others have branches. I pull the branches away, and set them aside. The yellow or withered leaves towards the bottom get put in the compost pile.

Wash Them!

Take the Leaves Off! 

Work against the grain of the plant. Hold the stem right under the clump of leaves towards the top. I do this because that part of the stem is the weakest, thinnest part. It tends to break. Use your other fingers to slide along the stem. The leaves come right off!

Take the top leaves off if they haven't flowered yet.

Soon enough you'll have a bunch of stems and Oregano leaves. 

Towel Time!

Fold a body towel in 1/2, put it on the floor, or up on a table. Spread the Oregano Leaves out on it to dry. It takes about 3 to 4 days. 

Grind Time!

You can feel when they are dried. Get out a food processor, or coffee grinder to grind them down.

Mason Jar Time!

Fill whatever size mason jar you want 1/2 full of dried Oregano leaves. It will look dusty with green.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Time!

Fill the jar up with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Close the lid, and let it sit in a sunny window for 2 weeks. It helps to shake it once in awhile.  

Strain Time!

Get a fine wire mesh. Let the Oregano Oil run through. Discard the leaves. You can use Oregano Oil for salad dressings, Italian dishes and more.  

Health Properties of Oregano Oil:

You can read more about the health benefits here. We're all different, so what works for one person may not work for another.

1. It's a natural antibiotic

2. May help lower bad cholesterol

3. Powerful Antioxidant

4. Could help treat yeast infections

5. May improve gut health

6. May have anti inflammatory properties

7. Could relieve pain

8. May have cancer fighting properties

9. May help you loose weight

Have you made Oregano Oil before? What would you use the oil for? 

Disclaimer: I did not get anything to write this post. I just wanted to share.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Matilda the Musical Review @RoseTheaterCo

We all needed a break. It was fun to step out of our daily routine to go to The Rose Theater.

The show we saw was called Matilda the Musical. I'm sure many of you have seen the movie. The musical is just as fun! 

The boys just keep getting taller, and taller in comparison to their show poster.

Let's Start the Show:

The show runs from June 7-30.

It's 2 hours + intermission. During intermission they serve cookies and a drink.

It's for all ages. I really think it is for all ages. At times I feel like my boys are too old, for some of the shows at The Rose Theater. This held all our attention. The boys liked the movie, so I knew they'd enjoy the musical. Travis was the only one that hasn't seen the movie. He got into the musical as soon as the principal entered the stage. The principal is a man playing a female. He was so funny!

Matilda is an exceptional child with an extraordinary imagination who learns to claim her destiny. A brilliant girl born into a…less brilliant family, Matilda gets sent away to school at the terrible Crunchem Hall, which is led by the mean former hammer-throwing champion Miss Trunchbull. Armed with good friends and a mentor named Miss Honey, Matilda starts a revolution to help herself and others “change their story.”

Time Magazine’s “Best Show of the Year”. Tony® Award winner. Featuring the hit songs “Naughty” and “When I Grow Up”. Filled with high-energy dance numbers and showcasing Omaha’s most talented youth, Matilda is a joyous spectacle that will inspire the whole family!


We liked all the actors that played in Matilda. Our favorites were the stars though.

Matilda – Maddie Smith
Amanda – Meghan Essner
Lavender – Eva Cohen
Alice – Chase Robinson
Hortensia – Summer Hurtienne
Eric – Artie Shaw
Bruce – Jonas Caruso
Nigel – Judson Cloudt
Tommy – Carter Pflug
Big Kids- Lillian Cohen, Olivia Hess, Chisom Anyaegbunam, Kaylee Lempke, Chuck Sams*, Elliot Kerkhofs, John Kinney Miss HoneY – Melissa King
Trunchbull – Joey Galda
Mrs. Phelps – Brissa Lopez
Mr. Wormwood – Zach Kloppenborg
Mrs. Wormwood – Sarah Gibson
Rudolpho/Dad 1 – Fran X. Adrianto
Escapologist/Dad 2/Big Kid – Danny Enriquez
Sergei/Dad 3/Big Kid – Earl Spears
Michael Wormwood/Dad 4 – Jonathan Algeroy
Doctor/Big Kid/Henchman – Ben Adams
Acrobat/Mom 2/Big Kid – Kendra Ball
Henchman/Big Kid – Katie Aguilar

Artistic and Production Credits:

I love looking at the set. This one had books, and really cool lighting throughout the show.

Director – Matt Gutschick
Music Director – Jerry Brabec
Choreographer – Sue Gillespie Booton
Scenic Designer – Tim McMath
Lighting & Sound Designer – Craig S. Moxon
Projection Designer – Brittany Merenda
Costume Designer – Sherri Geerdes
Hair & Makeup Designer – Erin Bragg
Production Stage Manager – Lisa Krabbenhoft
Director of Production – Erin M. Solemsaas
Technical Director – Greg Rishoi
Props Mistress – Devon Denn-Young
Scenic Charge Artist – Savannah Savick
Master Carpenter – Jackson Curtright
Associate Lighting Designer – Elton Bradley
Sound Engineer – Christy Hernandez
Scenic Apprentice – Austin Watson
Assistant Stage Manager – Grace Luis
Followspot Operator – Molly Zabawa
Fly Rail Operator – Zach Ackerman
Run Crew – Jesse Groff, Al Kroeten, Nathan Scott
Stitchers – Sherri Geerdes, Erin Bragg, Audio Helkiuk, Jill Maenner


There was live music that is front and beneath the stage.

Conductor/Keyboard III – Jerry Brabec
Trumpet I – Tim Houston
Trumpet II – Deb Bouffard
Trombone – Paul Niebalski
Reed I – Scott Vicroy
Reed II – Mark Benson
Cello – Christina Allred
Guitar – Ben Eisenberger
Bass – Tom Miller
Keyboard I – Jared Kmiecik
Keyboard II – Amy Nunamaker
Percussion – Michael Pollock

The End of the Show:

They had a question and answer session. I liked that one of the main stars was there to answer questions. Then there was an autograph signing as well.

I'm really glad we were able to go! I enjoyed it, so much!

Disclaimer: I got tickets from The Rose Theater to help write this review. The Rose Theater did not tell me what to write. All opinions are my own. 


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