Monday, September 18, 2017

Hamners' Unbelievable Magic and Variety Show

In Branson we got tickets to see Hamners' Unbelievable Magic and Variety Show. When we sat down they asked if Isaak would like to come up on stage? When they mentioned that he'd get a prize pack he was all excited. 

Mica was immediately jealous. He said, "I don't ever get picked for anything like this." I said, "Mica Isaak hasn't been picked for anything like this either." He said, "Well he won a book once." I said, "Mica that was like 2 years ago. You've had special things you've done. Let this be Isaak's moment." He said, "The things I've done, I worked for Mom." I said, "Ok, but the fact is, is that he was picked. Let it be." 

We watched the show. The boys seemed like they really enjoyed it! They made birds and money appear out of nowhere. 

They had a special guest that was a performer for Cirque Du Soleil. He was a hoop artist. They had singers, a ribbon dancer and more. It was really pretty fun and visually stimulating. 

All the sudden Travis got up with Isaak and said he needed to go to the bathroom. Soon after one of the Hamner's came to get Isaak to go up on stage. 

I didn't know what to do so I said, "He had to go to the bathroom. Take him. I pointed at Mica. Mr. I Don't Get To Do Anything was up on stage in replace of the boy they picked. I was heartbroken for Isaak. I knew he'd get back, and see his brother on stage. I wished during that time I could pause time. 

While Mica was "floating" in air. Isaak got back. Tears flooded his eyes. Travis took him back out to talk. We agreed that Isaak would get the merchandise that they handed off to Mica, since Isaak was the one they chose. 

I did pay $20 for photos of Mica floating in air. It was pretty cool. 

Isaak opted to sleep with Dad that night. After their talk they bonded more. I think Isaak wanted to be anywhere - except next to Mica. I explained to him that I didn't know what to do, they couldn't exactly stop the show. Isaak said, "They should have." There you have it...Isaak wished they could have paused time for him too. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017


There are a few things in my family I have to worry about: High Cholesterol and Alzheimer's Disease. I've had relatives that have had both.

I'm happy to share with you: NutraEdge TRIPLE STRENGTH Fish Oil. 

You can get it here: 

Cost is $18.99 with Prime shipping. there are other buying options. If you get more than one it's cheaper in price for each bottle.

About NutraEdge TRIPLE STRENGTH Fish Oil:

Known to help the heart, brain and joints.

Take 3 soft gels daily. I have to admit I'll probably only have 1 a day. 3 a day seems like a lot to me. If you take 3 a day they will last for 60 days. There are 180 soft gel pills in a bottle.

For ages 18 and over. Women pregnant or breastfeeding should consult their doctor before taking.

Sealed well! It had a plastic coating on the outside of the lid. It had a paper on the top.

This product is made in the USA, it's GMP - Packaged with high standards, FDA approved, Gluten Free, and NON GMO.

It's hard for me to know what works, and what doesn't overall. I have to have faith in what I'm taking. The ingredients matter to me.

Do you take any vitamins daily? Do you think they work?

Disclaimer: I received this set in exchange for writing this review. I was in no way influenced by anyone in regards to this review.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Zevrez Women's Long Sleeve V-Neck Dress

I'm super excited to share with you Zevrez Women's Long Sleeve V-Neck Dress:

I love the V neck, the polyester fabric, the fact that it goes below my knees, and that it can be worn for dress, or casual events.


Small - Shoulder: 14.96″ Sleeve: 24.4″ Bust: 36.6″ Waist: 34.6″ Total Length: 42.5″
Medium - Shoulder: 15.35″ Sleeve: 24.4″ Bust: 38.2″ Waist: 36.2″ Total Length: 42.5″
Large - Shoulder: 15.78″ Sleeve: 24.4″ Bust: 39.8″ Waist: 37.8″ Total Length: 42.7″
XL - Shoulder: 16.14″ Sleeve: 24.4″ Bust: 41.3″ Waist: 39.4″ Total Length: 42.7″
XXL - Shoulder: 16.35″ Sleeve: 24.8″ Bust: 42.9″ Waist: 40.9″ Total Length: 42.9″

I got the large, and it fit great! Sometimes when I get things online, I'm a bit nervous as to how it's going to fit.

There wasn't a whole lot of cleavage that showed, but I was ok with that. In the image online more cleavage shows. I was expecting the boys to see that, and point it out right away. It's good it's sleek, yet not too much.

About the only things that I didn't like were not the dresses fault. My legs are super white because they are covered most of the time. Ha! I do need to loose some weight. That's a thing. I'm glad I can finally be active. For months last school year it was asthma attack after asthma attack. I couldn't even climb stairs without feeling winded that's how bad it was. Then after my nose surgery I was told not to do anything. I couldn't even bend over. It feels good to now go hiking, and be active with my boys. I hope to get into a routine, and that will help the pounds go off.


$13.88 to $18.88. The small is $13.88, and the rest of the sizes are $18.88. Quite a price change. It is on Prime, so there's free shipping. Really $18.88 is a great price for a dress!

Usually I'm more of a skirt person, but I do love this dress. What about you? What do you like to wear to when you dress up?

Disclaimer: I received this set in exchange for writing this review. I was in no way influenced by anyone in regards to this review.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Silver Dollar City

I was not prepared for the cost of Silver Dollar City! Adults: $58.04 and Children 11 and under: $46.21. We should have gone to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City! A 2 day ticket at Worlds of Fun is cheaper than a 1 day ticket at Silver Dollar City. I felt jipped. Especially when they wouldn't take our card that was supposed to save us money for places in Branson.

After spending over $200, I knew I just needed to get over it, and have fun. It's the place Travis had memories going to when he was a kid. I knew the boys would have memories.

Words of Advices:

  • Bring food in a backpack, or cooler lunch bag. Fill a cooler for the car with food. You can leave, and come back into the park with tickets. Cars are parked a ways away, but they do have shuttles that go back and forth. 

  • Bring a fanny pack. I have one, but it was in Omaha, Nebraska - at home. 

Let's Talk Rides:

I'll go on water rides. I really enjoy the raft one because we're all together, can talk, and we don't know who will get wet.

I won't go on roller coasters. The boys went on three different ones.

After a few roller coaster rides the boys wouldn't shut up about me joining them on some. Even Travis joined in with them. I said, "Absolutely not! I went on them as a kid. I didn't like them then. I most certainly won't like them now!" I was starting to get pissed. Here I spent a bunch of money, and now I was being pressured into going on something I didn't want to go on. They begged and pleaded. I stood my ground.

I started talking to a family that was waiting for their family to get done. They understood me. It's sad when complete strangers gets you, but your own family doesn't even try.

One lady said, "The lookout part isn't any better than the coaster!" I could see her point. It was high up, and not sturdy. At least it wasn't jerking you around up and down hills!

A little boy sat there. I said, "Have you gone on this?" He said, "Never again!" He said it was way more than he could handle. He felt sorry for any kid that went on it.

A 18 month old cried every time the roller coaster took off. It was a loud plunging noise, and a fire showed up. I felt for him!

I waited about 4 times for my family. Keep in mind that with roller coasters I feel like the car could roll on off the track. I pictured my family leaving me each and every time they went on. Not so fun!

I didn't think things could get worse, oh but they could. I waited in line for the train ride around the park. I said, "Go on that roller coaster that you missed going on. I'll wait in line."

I texted Travis: Line is moving fast now. I hope you're coming. 

Travis texted back: It was such a fast line. We went again. 

I texted again 5 minutes later: Ok so I'm letting other people go ahead of me in line because you're not here. I don't know how long I can do this!

Finally he got there even 5 more minutes later. I was super annoyed!

When it was time to leave we were in a hurry. We had reservations for a magic show, and still needed to eat dinner. I was thinking, We wouldn't be in a hurry had you come to the train line after one ride on that last roller coaster. 

I said, "Let's take a shuttle." Well none of us paid attention where we parked. We walked up to the park. I was only guessing as to what shuttle took us where we needed to go. It took us closer to the car than if we walked, but farther than where our car actually was.

Travis said, "See if we would have walked..." I said, "We are walking. The shuttle just took us most of the way to our car." I was fuming mad by that time. Of course they were all wondering why I was mad.

What rides do you like to go on? Have you ever have a vacation that is perfect, and no one has fought? 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

WW: Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum

I just reviewed a book for Ripley's Believe It or Not! Shatter Your Senses!

When I saw that they had a museum in Branson, Missouri we decided to take the boys there. Travis and I went to one in Wisconsin Dells, but the boys had never been to one.

I have to say there museums are so fun, informative, and great for all ages.

Their building is so cool because it's off-kilter. The boys loved the Transformer in front. I just wish I could have captured it without the power lines. Oh well.

Inside they had a lizard hanging from the ceiling:

Art was behind glass. Some of it is really cool. Just as cool, if not better than some art museums.

A sculpture made with beads:

Lots of masks, and they had a display of shrunken heads. There was an i-pad set up to shoot your own head to shrink it.

Do you remember the movie Big with Tom Hanks? Zoltar is the machine that turned him big.

Lauryn Hill made with cassette tapes:

A lion made with rubber tires:

Hulk Smash!

The biggest roll of toilet paper. Don't squeeze the Charmin!

This mask was fun:

They had funny mirrors set up. I think Travis had just as much fun as the boys with this mirror.

The tallest person in history. I thought my Dad was tall. We're all on the same floor that he's on.

Isaak made a new friend!  

Have you been to a Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri is a tourist trap type place. Most everything costs money.

I didn't really do my research before we headed down there on Labor Day weekend.

Perks: The hotel stay is cheep. Most are only $100 a night.

Negatives: Traffic is crappy bumper to bumper. It could be because it was Labor Day weekend. Most things are going to cost!

This is what we did: 
  • We spent an evening at Ripley's Believe It, or Not! Museum
  • We spent most of a day at Silver Dollar City
  • We spent another evening at Hamners' Unbelievable Magic and Variety Show
  • We went hiking all one morning
  • We got a family photo taken at TNT Old Time Photo
  • We went swimming, and dipped in the hot tub
Other things we did:
  • We Stopped at Osceola Cheese
  • We had lunch with our niece in Kansas City at Vietnam Cafe
Things we wish we did:
  • Go to a winery. One place had free tours, but were done giving tours by the time we got there at 5. They didn't close until 6. We were slightly sad about that. I've just never been in one. Is it bad when I wanted to go to a winery when Travis and I don't even drink? 
  • Go horseback riding. Yes it would have cost more. The boys have never been horseback riding, unless you count a horse that goes in circles horseback riding. Every place we called, wouldn't pick up, or were booked. 
  • Go go-kart riding. I could have cared less, but the boys would have loved to go.
I told the boys that since we went to Silver Dollar City all day one day, that go-kart riding was out. They were ok with that.

Do you like to vacation at tourist trap type places, or someplace more scenic? I'm more of a scenic person, but I knew the kids would like all the activity. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Talking To My Kids About More Than Just Sex

Did I get your attention with that title?

Mica got his first love letter at school. Someone handed him a folded up piece of paper. 

Notice the full heartbeat on, "With You" and the flat line on, "Without You"?

She love - likes him. The little person on the bottom with the heart is cute.

So we talked about it. 

My Advice:

Mica don't ignore her, be nice to her, don't spread rumors, and just tell her that you want to focus on school right now. If he felt like it he could say, "My parents don't want me dating yet."

At School:

He did his best to avoid this girl. In fact he ran from her at recess. She stopped him at different times during the day to ask what she could do to make things better? He said, "Drop it. Drop the whole thing." 

The Dare:

Apparently there is a game played at school where 2 people have to play some kind of game. Whoever looses gets a dare. A girl dared another girl to ask Mica out.

When the girl asked Mica out he responded with, "I think that dare game should be banned at school." Ha! 

She proceeded to tell Mica that other girls liked him. 

I just hope this stuff doesn't go to my 12 year old's head. I don't need a cocky child! 

What kind of advice would you give a 12 year old on the opposite sex?

Random Tid Bits

  1. I was told the other day by one of my first year students that I cuss. I said, "Really?!" I admit that I do at home, but it's not a regular occurrence for me in class. I said, "I don't think I've said anything that's worse than regular TV airs." She said, "Probably."

    Now I'm all self conscious about what I say and how it's said. It will probably show up on my evaluations. I mentioned this to the Education Director. She laughed because cussing isn't something I do at work. At home - yes, at work it's not. It's nothing I would have thought that a college instructor would have to worry about. Maybe, Damn, Dang, and Crap are cuss words to her.

  2. Last year I saw an article about how cussing is good for you. I thought of my Dad, who cusses all the time. Then when all the above stuff happened I thought about it again. Here's an article, here's an article, and here's an article. Do you cuss? Do you think cussing is healthy because it blows off steam? Does cussing offend you?

    It offended me a few times - 1) When students cuss and a family tour walks through the school. Ummm that just can't happen! 2) I went to a lecture on typography, and the presenter was really pregnant and cussed the whole time. I just thought for a presentation to lay down the F word wasn't becoming. It's different if she was trying to make a point with her choice words, but she wasn't. Seeing her prego and hearing her cuss was just not new Mommy like. 

  3. I have a few cell phone user students. I don't mind if they use it in lab, but while I'm talking it's so annoying! I've made blanket statements about it. The crazy thing is that my older students are the ones I have more problems with on cell phone usage. 

  4. A teacher was telling Mica's middle school class rules. She said, "Girls I don't want to see your twin sisters." She was talking about cleavage - boobs. I got home that say and Mica said, "Mom don't show your twin sisters." I didn't know what he was talking about. They had to tell me. 

  5. You never know who's going to see this, that or the other. Well Mica saw this bumper sticker on our trip: 

  6. Buy it here.
    It was was so freaking funny to him. He made all of us check out this car in the parking lot. We've always joked about Mica liking Hello Kitty just to mess with him. Most boys do pay attention to boobs.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Tomato Invasion

Last week the boys and I took Friday off, and traveled to Branson, Missouri. We didn't have a vacation this summer because of Travis' art residency and my surgery, recovery, and Aspirin Desensitization. It was good to get away.

Before We Left:

Our garden is putting out more produce than we have time to process. Travis and I processed acorn squash, squash seeds, tomatoes, and cucumbers before we left. Then we had and have to process more once we got home! Yep during the time we were gone a few tomatoes juiced, and fruit flies occurred. Boo!

We have lots of cabbage, Spaghetti Squash, and kale as well. The Spaghetti Squash and cabbage I use in dishes. The kale we steam for breakfast. We're getting to the point where kale will be washed, dried, and ground for winter smoothies.


Travis picks tomatoes. I line the red ones up in 1 window, the 1/2 red ones in another window, and the green ones in yet another window. I rotate them. Once I have about a gallon of tomatoes I boil them, give them an ice bath, peel them, and deseed them. I make the boys help. Isaak's always been a pretty good helper. Mica on the other hand...well we struggle.

Travis pours the extra tomato juice in ice cube trays for vegetable juice. Once we have quite a few gallon bags of tomatoes we can them. We usually just can jars of tomatoes. Then we can use them for whatever recipe we want to down the road.

A 24 Quart Pot Ready to Can:

I've been making Sun Dried Tomatoes with the Cherry Tomatoes. 

Sun Dried Tomatoes are Really Easy to Make:
  • Set the oven to 200 degrees
  • Spray a pan
  • Wash and cut the tomatoes in 1/2 
  • Deseed the tomatoes
  • You can season them how you wish - basil, salt and pepper is usually what I use
  • Bake for about 5 hours, stir, check on them every hour after that - usually they end up baking for about 8 hours
Storing Them:

I just put them in a closed container in the refrigerator. I know people store them in oil to. 

Use Them:

We use them in eggs, on cheese toast (melt the cheese over them), and on salads.

I think I'm finally caught up on reviews. I got a ton of products to review all at once it seemed. The reviews were all due when, or right after I got back from vacation. Some of them I cut pretty close to their deadlines. That's not like me.

This weekend it's time to can relish. I want to try cinnamon pickles. We have lots of dill, and bread and butter pickles.

What would you make with lots of tomatoes and Cucumbers?

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Premium Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder

I've been using different charcoal toothpastes on my teeth for the last 5 years. My teeth stay clean and I haven't gotten any cavities.

My toothpaste is almost gone, so I thought I try Premium Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder:


Charcoal has been used to clean things for years. It's in many stomach medicines. That's the one ingredient I think that does its job. While it seems new to use on teeth, it's not new to use charcoal pills.

I'm a coffee drinker at times, and a tea drinker other times. I kind of switch back and forth with my preference on what to drink. Ever since I started using charcoal on my teeth the dentist hasn't complained about stains like they did before.


It does get black speckles on the sink. The speckles happen with regular toothpaste too, but it's more noticeable when it's black.


$50, but on sale for $10! A $40 savings, yet please!

Whiting Strips:

The set comes with some charcoal whiting strips. I just think charcoal powder cleans my teeth well enough, that I don't need the strips. My husband is a Dental Tech. He's mentioned before that A) There is a wide range of how white teeth are, and that's ok. and B) Strips could strip enamel off of the teeth. I don't know about you, but I want my enamel to stay there. I'll just be a good girl, and brush often.

What about you: 

Have you used charcoal to clean your teeth?

Disclaimer: I received this set in exchange for writing this review. I was in no way influenced by anyone in regards to this review.


The opinions on this blog are my personal take on products and topics relating to motherhood. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me.

I am not compensated to provide opinions on a variety of topics. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own. If I claim to show knowledge of certain topic or product I will only endorse products or services that I feel, based on my expertise, are worthy of such endorsement.

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