Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Names of 2009

  • Baby Center always puts out the top names of the year.
  • I'm a HUGE name buff, so I wanted to put them on here.
  • I don't see Isaak (Isaac) or Mica (Micah) on the list, but I've heard Isaac used a lot. Isaak's middle name is Jaxon (Jackson is number 6). I don't see Mica's middle name Zachary.
  • My nephew Elijah is kind of like Isaak, I hear his name a lot, but it's not on the list. Ethan is number 1, Evan is 19; they are both nephew's of mine.
  • Oh...and Alyssa is number 22. I was one of the only Alissa's (spelled different) growing up.
  • We talked about Nathan for both of our kids, and that is number 18.
  1. Ethan/Isabella
  2. Noah/Emma
  3. Jacob/Olivia
  4. Aiden/Ava
  5. Logan/Sophia
  6. Jackson/Madison
  7. Jack/Chloe
  8. Ryan/Abigale
  9. Jayden/Addison
  10. Matthew/Emily
  11. Liam/Ella
  12. Joshua/Lily
  13. Tyler/Mia
  14. Benjamin/Grace
  15. Gavin/Alexis
  16. Alexander/Avery
  17. William/Samantha
  18. Nathan/Elizabeth
  19. Evan/Hannah
  20. Lucas/Taylor
  21. Mason/Natalie
  22. Michael/Alyssa
  23. Dylan/Sarah
  24. Caleb/Hailey
  25. Luke/Riley
  • I like different names that can still be pronounced. Below is my list of names.
  • We are not planning to have any more children, I just love names! Each name I like has a special meaning in my mind. It may be a special place, a person or a character in a movie.
  • If I had to make up my own list of top 10 names I like they'd be:
  1. Mica or Micah/Savannah
  2. Isaak or Isaac/Scarlett
  3. Harrison/Kirsten
  4. Samuel or Sam/Aurora or Rory
  5. Jaxon or Jax/Nodiya
  6. Zachary or Zach/Shannon
  7. Nathan or Nate/Amelie
  8. Jonah/Coraline
  9. Trent/Mallory
  10. Carter/Cheyenne

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