Wednesday, December 30, 2009


  • It snowed again this morning!
  • We went out to take care of some snow while the kids were down for an afternoon nap.
  • I shoveled out the other 1/2 our driveway. Minus the tail end of it. I just ran out of time. There is room to park the other vehicle in that lane now.
  • Daddy went to Ace Hardware to get a roof rake.
  • The snow was pretty thick on the roof.
  • He went up on the roof when he realised it wasn't slick and just started shoveling it off.
  • Our neighbor across the street asked me if Travis' life insurance policy was up to date? Yes it is, but if he felt in danger he would not of been up there.
  • Thankfully the kids slept well and we got almost finished. I kept going in to check if they were awake. I also kept yelling out Daddy's name when I couldn't see him in fear that he might have fallen down. He was just on the backside of the roof.
  • We'll be sore tomorrow I'm sure!
  • There is more snow to shovel around the front of the house where Daddy shoveled off snow from the roof. A little back tracking needs to be done.
  • We can't open our back door more then a foot. We have our compost bin outside that door. I hate compost sitting inside the house. The trash stinks faster when it's put in there.
  • There is a huge drift outside the back door that goes to the top of the gate. Even opening the gate to clear the snow might be a chore.

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