Monday, January 5, 2009

Nick Names

  • When I was pregnant with Isaak, my dad was trying to come up with a nickname for him right away. He secretly must not have liked the name Isaak. I thought up "Ike", "Zac", "Zeek" or "Zeeky". He liked "Zeek" and "Zeeky". I heard "Zac" can be a nickname for "Izac", but I didn't want to spell it that way because we already had a Mica Zachary. So...Isaak is called "Zeek" and "Zeeky". I love those nicknames, but Travis isn't too fond of them. He likes, "Baby I's" or "Baby Eye's". He does have huge eye's, then of course his name starts with "I". He looks over for all his nicknames and his name.
  • Mica has always been "Mica Moose" and "Mica Z" to me. My sister Terra calls him "Mica Mouse" because he had a high pitch cry in the hospital and later squealed in his regular babble. My dad calls him "Smartie", which Mica likes because there is a candy called that. He calls him that because he talks so grown up.
  • Nicknames have always been such a big thing with my family.

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