Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Scary Thing

  • I heard last night on the news that a girl (middle school age) died of meningitis. She had a headache that just kept getting worse, her parents took her to the emergency room 2 hours later, 8 hours after the initial headache, she was dead. In the emergency room she had seizures, and was not responding. I feel so bad for her family and her friends!
  • I had a baby with it, who didn't even have a developed personality yet, and I felt awful. He was so little and couldn't tell me what hurt. Of course only one of us could be at the hospital at a time, unlike when Mica got his staph infection. Someone had to stay with Mica. I was with Isaak most of the time because I could nurse him, those antibodies helped him to get better. The pain cry is the worst! We couldn't feel a soft spot because there was so much pressure. I read that sometimes they have to drill holes into the head to relieve the pressure (Isaak didn't have that done). He had to have a mess of other things done though: A spinal tap, a couple IV's put in, gobs of antibiotics. He was so hot from his fever. I can't imagine losing him. We were not lucky to have to go through what we did, but so lucky to have him healthy today!

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