Friday, June 19, 2009

Train Craft

  • Guess what? I got Mica to sit down last night to help me with a craft. He first helped me make little trains out of wrapped candy. The most frustrating part of this craft was finding Life Savor roll's that are the body of the train's.
  • Life Savor roll's are hard to find! I finally found them in a vending machine at work, out of all the places! They only sell them wrapped individually at stores, not in roll's.
  • We drew trains on notecards from a train cookie cutter. Then Mica started setting the candy down on the cards.
  • I hot glued the candy wrappers down. They are favors for his birthday party. He can't wait to give them out! The parent's may have to chew the gum, but they looked pretty silly not having the gum in there.
  • While I was gluing, I had a stack of junk mail Mica cut up with scissors! He always wants to hold the scissors with both hands, so I had to correct him. He helped me by cutting the junk into tiny pieces all over the floor. Good job Mica! I mean that in a positive way!
  • Then Daddy got the job of sweeping it all up before Isaak put the pieces of paper in his mouth. Good job Daddy!

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