Friday, June 19, 2009

"It's Obama"!

  • We went to the Olive Garden for my birthday. Since I share it with Father's day this year, we already have other family plans. We have a tradition of going out to eat when it's someone's birthday.
  • Afterward we went to Target to get random stuff we needed. Mica sped through the store per usual. Travis was after him; I'm so used to it. I just speed up, or yell out, "Red light Mica". I don't let him get out of my sight. If he goes too far, his punishment is to go in the cart.
  • We passed the greeting cards. Mica picked one up and said really loud, "It's Obama Mommy! It's Obama! It's Barack Obama!" Totally making a scene. We don't even talk about the president too much, so I know Mica gets it from the media. I even saw a children's book being sold that was all about Barack Obama. Kind of crazy if you ask me. I understand historical presidents, someone that's really done something, but Obama's just started.
  • Evan, my nephew thought Barack Obama was our first president. The media kept talking about him being our first African American president. To a little kid, that means he's indeed our first president.
  • It's funny how kids think.

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