Friday, July 17, 2009

Head on Backwards

  • I've been telling Mica stories about when he was born. A lot to tell!
  • Breech baby, external cephalic version (unsuccessful and painful!), C-section, cyst under his tongue, funky shaped tongue, MRI scan, tongue tied (frenulectomy), and of course there was the staph infection, CT scan's when he was 7 months old.
  • I put it all at his level. None of the big words are used. All the yucky details are left out. I also put it in the light of a success story.
  • The part that is funny is the breech part. I was explaining to him that he was not facing the right way. That his head was up, when it was supposed to be down. When he was inside me, he thought it was fun to kick me a lot in the bladder, so I had to go pee all the time. Mica laughs whenever I tell him that part.
  • This morning Mica said, "When I was in Mommies tummy my head was put on backwards." We corrected him by explaining that his whole body was just flipped. He said, "Oh." He's so goofy!

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