Saturday, July 18, 2009

Preschool Swim Party

  • We got to go to a big pool tonight. Isaak loved it at first, but soon pointed to get out. He was cold. His little lip was quivering.
  • I spent most of the time cuddling with my toddler.
  • Mica played with Evan on the steps with some pennies Evan found.
  • Travis and Tyson (my brother-in-law) threw a water football back and forth.
  • Terra (my sister) stood in the water with Elijah.
  • I went to the bathroom and asked Mica if he had to go. He said, "No Mommy. I already went." The next thing I knew; was that some lady was taking Mica into the bathroom because he did have to go. It's so hard getting wet trunks down in a hurry, then I had to hold him up because he's a boy and pees standing up. He was shivering, so his aim wasn't too great. Isaak tried to go for Mica's stream. Crazy times. LOL
  • Later that evening when nephew Elijah got out of the pool with my sister Terra, Isaak kept wanting to give Elijah kisses. Over and over again kisses. It was cute.

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