Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Bottle's Anymore!

  • Isaak is offically off the bottle. He's been taking a tippy cup for a long time now, and less bottle as time went on. It was just a matter of taking it away.
  • I pumped 7 min. on Mon, 5 min. on Tues., 3 min. yesterday and today.
  • I think by next week there will be no pumping! :)
  • That means 1 less thing to remember in the morning (my pump bag), I won't be using someone else's office space (seeing that I have a cubical) and I can go run more errands during my lunch hour.
  • I just hope that Isaak doesn't beg too much during the weekends to nurse!
  • I would of never gotten through a year with either of my kids if it weren't for the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump. Their website and customer service is the best!
  • Whenever I had a problem they could answer me!
  • I had problem's initially with both of my kids, and we hurdled over those issues. :)


Felicia said...

Such a milestone! Way to go!

Kim and Neil said...

I've got that same pump. Worth every penny.

An Apel a Day said...

This pump only gave me a few problems. I guess the front plate was recalled. Anyhow I didn't know that, so when I'd pump the plate would come off, which loosened the tubing. I had to double pump and hold onto the face plate at the same time. I called Medela about it, and they sent me a free face plate and tubing. So...moral of the story is, if you ever have a problem with a product call the company. Some are better then others about stuff like this. But...what was frustrating to me, was an easy fix for them.


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