Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Potty Seat

  • This is the only potty seat besides a potty chair that I've been able to find that works for boys. There really has to have that cup looking thing in the front of seats and potty chairs for boys. Otherwise they pee all over!
  • I've only been able to find a good seat at Babies R Us.
  • I've bought other seats, and simply returned them to the store. I just said, "This does not work for boys" and they took it back.
  • As soon as I can start training the trainer by having them stand up on a step stool to pee I do. Mica really took off with training when I taught him to stand up to pee. Mica just holds on to the toilet, leans over and pees. Getting a step stool that is adjustable is great. I have a shower seat that doubles as a step stool. It has 2 levels. Now Mica uses the lower level, but when I start training Isaak this way he'll use the higher level.
  • My next step with Mica is to have him learn to aim. A good way to do this is to drop a Cheerio in the pot. They can be flushed down. Good aiming devises.

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