Sunday, August 9, 2009

Car Ride Home

  • Mica fell asleep pretty much right away. He doesn't look too safe in the position he's in. Car seats are so uncomfortable.
  • The annoying one on the way home...was Isaak. He gets the ribbon for annoying Daddy the driver!
  • He kept wanting food, so I kept giving it to him to keep him quiet. He got really messy!
  • The sky looked pretty bad during part of our trip! We even saw lighting. But not a drop of rain on our car.
  • Then something magical happen on our 3 hour trip back to Omaha...Isaak fell asleep 20 min before we got home.
  • Ever since Isaak started cutting these molar's he's been snoring! You can hear it in the video. Sometimes it sounds much worse then this video. I don't know if it's bad that he's snoring or not? He has a doctor appointment in September; I plan on asking doctor Harrison about it.
  • We got everything and everyone out of the car. Of course the kids didn't stay asleep. Isaak had a majorly poopy diaper. I used 3 wipes, and it stank! Nice ending note.

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