Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Reunion

  • Here's Travis saying, "You take too many photo's".
  • Some of the family.
  • Where did Isaak go? Surprise Mommy's watching him through the camera.
    • I have to admit I was a little worried about how the reunion would go. Isaak wouldn't take a nap all morning in the hotel. Isaak gets cranky when he's tired, and Mica gets crazy. But...they did good.
    • We ate right off the bat.
    • I snuck a photo of my sister Angela while the intro was going on. She never wants her photo taken.
    • I snuck a photo of my Grandpa while intro was going on too.
    • This photo is in the feeding line. Megan, my cousin is about the same age as Kailey, my niece.
    • My dad was off talking to someone. This is how he usually looks. Here he's bragging about his camera, and probably telling the relative about how he can't see the camera screen outside. I'm only guessing by the way, because I was across the room when taking this.
    • The food was good. Isaak ate really well on Daddy's lap. Mica didn't eat much.
    • My nephew Elijah sitting on the table waiting for his grub.
    • Right after we ate I took the bigger boys for a walk. Colton is my cousin Brad's kid, Evan is my nephew and Mica. In each photo one kid is looking away. None of them look really all that excited to be on the playground equipment. I think they were a little bummed that there wasn't a slide. I called these photo's Boy's in the Hood.
    • We walked pretty far, I gave them a work out!
    • When they slowed down I told the bigger boys that I was a Wicked Witch of the West, and Colton was my flying monkey. "I'm going to get you my little pretty's" is what I said. That sped Evan and Mica up!
    • When we got back from our walk, Isaak was being passed around by strangers as far as he was concerned. He didn't know any of my extended family. I was surprised because he was ok with it. I let him be until he passed out in someone's arms. Then I went to take him away to hold him. I can't remember the last time he fell asleep in my arms. He must of been really tired!
    • This is my Aunt Becky playing with Kensley who is also my cousin Brad's kid. We haven't had a girl born in our family since Megan and Kailey, so Kensley will get a lot of attention from our side. She's cute!
    • The day was over time to go home.
    • It looks like Travis is thinking "Hum, is it time to leave yet?"
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