Saturday, September 19, 2009

For Sale

  • All the sudden a (For Sale) sign went up next door. I didn't even know what happened to our sweet older lady neighbor.
  • She used to live in our house. Then when her husband died she moved in with her sister next door. Then her sister died, and she stayed there. She always sent my kids $3 for their birthday and Christmas.
  • The lady across the street told me what happened to her. She broke her hip on Aug. 4th, which I think is crazy because Mica's birthday is Aug. 10th, and she still sent him a card. I guess she had cancer, and they had to remove her bowel because she had to skip 6 treatments. I didn't even know she had cancer. I'm so out of the loop. Now she has to live in a home, or with one of her daughter's.
  • So...her house is for sale. I'm kind of sad about this. I know all people go down hill eventually. I just feel like lately too many people are going down hill that I know.
  • I'll probably never see this lady again, which is sad.
  • Some other person will move in a house that's always been my neighbor and her sister's house since around 1956.
  • The next questions are who will be our next, next door neighbor's? Will they have young kids? will they be older? Will they want to hang out with us? Will they stick to themselves? Will the house stay empty because of the rough market? I wonder.

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Kim and Neil said...

It's always sad seeing neighbors move... I'm on the opposite side. I'm sad to move, but we need the space!


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