Thursday, September 17, 2009

School District

  • At the doctor appointment we had for the boys a few weeks ago, Dr. Harrison told us that he could give us a number to work with the school district on Mica's hand strength.
  • One of Mica's preschool teachers has talked about Mica's lack of muscle when writing.
  • I forgot to get the number before leaving the doctor office. So...I had to call back to get it. Being a teacher, communicating back and forth with any office is a task. I wish they'd move towards email. LOL
  • They gave me the number. I called the school district (yet another office). She asked me a butt load of questions regarding Mica's history (extensive for a 4 year old)!
  • Another lady called Travis back last week saying that they can't do anything without a doctor's signed documentation labeling it as a problem. She sent the document in the mail.
  • I called the doctor's office back once again. We decided it was best to fax them over the form.
  • It will be interesting to see if the doctor can fill out this form without seeing Mica again. He never actually saw him write, or color. I would of thought that he would of known that this is the procedure. Don't get me wrong, I love Dr. Harrison. But man this was a hassle!

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