Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Want...I Want...I Want

  • Mica wants pretty much everything these days.
  • He's into Team Geotrax, Transformers, Toy Story, Thomas, Polar Express and more!
  • We went to Target to get a few groceries and I wanted to get a few more containers for Mica's room to hold his Team Geotrax stuff.
  • Mica of course wanted to go down the toy isle. My rule is that we can go down the isle only if he's good. That means no running and cutting people off.
  • He knows that I will not buy him toys. Only for holidays. But...he points out everything he wants and says, "I want to borrow that Mommy!" and "I want that on my Christmas list!" Luckily Mica rarely has temper tantrums!
  • A lady walked by us, and said, "Christmas already!"
  • A kid his age is all about the next holiday. The day after his birthday he said, "When is my next birthday? When is Christmas?"
  • At least I can use this to my advantage. I've caught myself saying, "Mica you better watch how you act Santa is watching you!" Crazy thing is that it works.

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