Friday, September 11, 2009

The Forgotten Daughter

  • I'm only kidding with that title.
  • So...I talked to my sister Terra this morning to tell her that I wasn't dropping the boys off.
  • Then I called her a second time to make sure my parents knew, so they wouldn't go to her house to watch the toddlers, while she took the big boys to preschool. She told me that my dad still wanted to get together to "hang out".
  • Notice that he doesn't want to "hang out" with me. He doesn't see me as much because I work full time. He wanted to "hang out" with her because she'll go to nurseries with him.
  • I think this is a trend in my life. My mom usually wants to shop with my older sister. Although I don't think she shops too much anymore.
  • I don't really care. I like time to myself. But I do notice.
  • I'd rather shop with guys because I like going to Lowes, hate shopping for shoes and purses for long periods at a time, and most girls shop in circles LOL. They just walk around and end up getting nothing. I like to go out and shop for a purpose.

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my kinda girl!


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